March 18, 2013

Kiss Me I'm Irish!: A St. Patrick's Day Outfit

Happy belated Saint Patrick's Day! My family goes all-out for this holiday, so you can count on me wearing a very green, festive outfit. Luckily St. Patrick's Day tends to fall on my spring break so I get to be home and eat Mom's delicious Irish feast. I always look forward to that meal and the tasty leftovers I get to bring back to Athens. 

shorts, top, shoes: forever 21 | cardigan: delia's | shamrock earrings: from Ireland | hair bow: unknown origin

It was really warm so I wore my new green scalloped shorts. I paired them with a teal cardigan which may be green overload but I don't care! I have quite a few shamrock accessories in my arsenal so those were included too. Hooray for themed outfits!

nail polish: china glaze - budding romance & cha cha cha

(I'll have Jeanie's St. Patrick's outfit up for you to see tomorrow!)

It was a good last day home for break, but now I'm back in Athens getting school stuff done. Time to get down to business! 

Happy Monday!


Camilla said...

So damm cute! Loved your St Patricks outfit! :)


Neuza Mariano said...


Neuza Mariano
Meu canal Youtube

Ali Hval said...

Oh my, how precious are youuuu!? And the green on green is definitely not too much. The different shades are so nice! And I must say that your cadigan matches your pretty pretty eyes so perfectly~

I also love that you have lots of little St. Patrick's things. Especially those earrings. I'm a sucker for cute holiday things, too!

Sammi said...

Adorable! I loove those shorts, and the shoes are really cute! I like that you didn't go with just one shade of green. I always feel like a fake wearing green on St. Patrick's Day, since I'm not Irish in the slightest - so I'll enjoy vicariously through you!

xox Sammi

Amy McLarty said...

Too cute, my fellow Georgia girl! Love your style!

Love, Amy
A. Loo's Closet

Ashley said...

You are the only person that can make all those different shades of green look so good and cute!

Enjoy the leftovers.

JennaStevie said...

I lovvvve these mint shorts!! How wonderful!! This is a wonderful st. P's day look. My dad made guinness irish stew and it was sooooo good

LolaDee said...

Lá féile Pádraig shona duit ón Éire :)

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Ireland! XO

LolaDee said...

Lá féile Pádraig shona duit ón Éire :)

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Ireland! XO

Jenn said...

That hair piece is adorableeeee!

chīsana blogger

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

AW - you look so festive and adorable! I'm jealous you were able to wear shorts - it was snowing where I was!! And those shorts are particularly cute

skinny buddha said...

super fun and quirky outfit. perfect for the occasion!

The Rag Trade said...

This is so perfect, I love the different shades of green! Lovely accessories too!

Eccentric Owl said...

I love all of your Shamrock accessories! I only have some bronze colored earrings, and when St. Patrick's day came around I realized I really don't have much green! I need to get more.
I love your shorts, and the mix of greens in this outfit! You look adorable, as always.

Anonymous said...

What a perfect St. Patrick's Day look! I hate the feeling that I have to dress in green for the day since I can never figure out what to wear but you pulled off an effortlessly cute St. Patty's look. Those shorts make it!

kendall from buttons & blossoms

Imogen said...

I wore green for St Patrick's day too. I love the two shades of green together and the scalloped edge is amazing. I am always wishing there were more scalloped clothes around. My favourite part is the little hair bow, it is the sweetest ever.

Laura said...

OOO! I love your green shorts! I wish that it was warm enough here to wear shorts! Can't wait for summer!

Glad that you had a great St. Patty's!


Louise said...

You're ridiculously adorable.

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