March 25, 2013

New Floral Pants with a Leather Jacket & Leopard Flats

Happy Monday! Here's an outfit from spring break. I bought these floral pants for $10 the day before so obviously I had to wear them immediately. It was pretty chilly this day so they kept me relatively warm on our trip into Atlanta. We had lunch with Dad, wandered around Ikea, and went to the fancy Lennox Mall. All in all it was a good day! 

floral pants: h&m | pink cardigan, ruffled top: forever 21 | jacket: ashley by twenty six international - ross dress for less | leopard print flats: xhileration - target | gracie bag in butterscotch: jototes

You guys. These pants make me look like I have some semblance of a butt! It's exciting considering I'm pretty ass-less.

I only brought so many pairs of shoes home for the week and nothing except my leopard flats would be easy to walk around in all day. So this print mixing was out of necessity, but I'm glad it's kind of trendy to mix floral and leopard. (Also my shoes are looking ratty and that makes me sad. I've really gotten my money's worth out of them though.)

I don't have very many purses so I rarely use them in outfit posts. Therefore awkward posing times. Sorry. I really love this JoTotes camera bag though! It was my Christmas present and it's definitely getting a lot of use. I'm so glad to have a purse that keeps my camera safe and has plenty of room for regular purse stuff. 

I hope you're having a jolly Monday!


Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

That is an awesome bag - I'm a huge fan of bags in outfit photos, probably because I am a bag person (I literally design them, well laptop bags, for a living, so I love them). The camera bag ones always intrigue me, but I end up turning my normal ones into camera bags somehow. The leopard print and floral is so cute together! I love Atlanta - that mall is so fancy but fun! I went there for my 21st birthday (well a month before it because we couldnt actually do anything on our birthday)

Ali Hval said...

Hahaha--awkward posing times with your bag, I love that. I'm totally not one to pose with bags, either, and so I know that awkward purse pose feeling, girl! Hehe. But I think you did just fine, and I would have never guessed you're not used to not posing with a purse. So how is that? :D

Also, your butt looks great in these pants! There is totally a butt there. Totally. And it is a grand butt indeed. Haha, but seriously, those are some sweet pants!

JennaStevie said...

I am loving this bag, I love camera bags so much, yet don't have one?! i have a ton of small purses though. I am loving these bright florals pants, they're perfect for spring and such great colours :)

Andra Dorolti said...

I love bargains..and those pants are just a perfect one! :D

You have an amazing smile!


Krissy said...

That camera bag<3

Anonymous said...

Those pants are fabulous and I think I just featured them in my Spring fashion trends mash-up lol. Now seeing them on you makes me want them! I also suffer from no-butt syndrome so any help in that area would be good. As always, love your outfit posts!

kendall from buttons & blossoms

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