March 9, 2013

Remix: Houndstooth Mini Skirt

I thrifted this skirt a couple years back and promptly hemmed it to mini skirt length. It's pretty short, but I really enjoy it like that. You can't really see the details of the print in these pictures because it's a mini houndstooth, but I assure you it's there!

Houndstooth is a great print. It's geometric and retro and I love it. I feel like it could pair with a ton of different things, but I tend to gravitate toward red and black when I style this skirt. It just works! 
(P.S. - there are a couple outfits here that I wouldn't wear anymore, but I'll show you these ways I've worn this skirt in the past anyway!)


3. & 4.

5. & 6.

Have a great weekend!


Sophie said...

Ah I love remix posts! I think the red tight ones are my favourites.

Sammi said...

I love this skirt, and love every single way you've remixed it!! You have an awesome sense of style!


Ali Hval said...

I like how from far away it appears to be almost a solid grey print... it makes it almost like two pieces in one! Subtle print mixing or not, it makes so many fun outfits. :D :D

I adore it in that last outfit with the T-shirt and blazer. I love how you dressed everything up!

aki! said...

Super cute skirt. I think it looks the best with a blazer.

7% Solution​

Frannie Pantz said...

What a great skirt! I didn't see it long but I like it short! My fave is the one with the red top!

Debs said...

You are gorgeous.... love how versatile is that skirt

Romantique Obsession

Ashley of Southern (California) Belle said...

I love all the remixes of this skirt! I think you did a wonderful job hemming it and I love how versatile houndstooth is :).

Thanks for the input on my blog, I really appreciate it ♥



Southern (California) Belle

Lexi said...

You make me want to buy more tights! Love the red and the black bows!
Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

HighlandFling said...

Love items that go with everything, they are the best! That is such a great thrusting find and I love the length, it looks amazing on you!

E x

Melissa said...

I love it! That skirt is gorgeous. x

<3 Melissa

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

It's neat how this print almost acts like a neutral color - and goes with literally everything! I love it

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