March 21, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

It's Thursday! Here are a few Thursday things!

This Bulldog Purse on Etsy is the cutest thing ever!:

This animated dance is very neat:

Disney Prince Hotness Ranking:

Tyra is the most mystifying supermodel ever:


* This tells you about the animation process for Disney's Paperman short. It's very cool!

* I want this corned beef poutine with Guinness gravy so badly right now you have no idea.

* Science says athiests should come out of the closet to show they're common and normal, which reduces feelings of distrust associated with them. Word.

* Interesting take on why procrastination may not be due to laziness. It might be an anxiety issue.

* An easy explanation about how to comply with the new FTC rules for disclosing product reviews.

* I want to try this Cinnamon Sour recipe from A Beautiful Mess!


Jenny O said...

I read an article on procrastination not long ago (can't remember if it was the same one) and I 100% agree about it being an anxiety issue. I procrastinate a lot, and I know it's not laziness because I do get a lot done despite the procrastination. But over the last two years, while I've been administering my dad's estate, I've had to examine my procrastination a lot more because the stakes are higher. If I'm worried about whether I can do something properly, or if talking to a certain person in order to deal with a situation will upset me, or if I know I've done something incorrectly in a way that makes me feel like Not A Proper Adult, my brain is totally ok with creating a blind spot around it. I can actually feel the tension leave me as I tell myself "I don't really have to deal with that right now" and put it off. It's very strange because on the other hand I get a TON of satisfaction out of a fully-crossed-out to-do list, so I am no stranger to Getting Things Done.

Anyway, rambling! But I definitely think anyone with procrastination issues should read that article and think about what it might mean for themselves.

Laura Go said...

Goodness. That doggie purse is most adorable! And Tyra, oh Tyra.
♥ laura
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Demi said...

BELATED COMMENT BUT I was thinking about you and this post when I spotted this bag on AliExpress: Dog-themed bags are the cutest, gotta say..

Demi |

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