April 17, 2013

Ditsy Floral Dress & Blue Sunglasses

Jeanie originally thrifted this dress but somehow I ended up with it! I kind of forgot it in my closet until recently. It used to have long sleeves but those had to go so it's wearable for spring and summer in Georgia. I really like its neckline and the fun coral-y color. It's vintage, but I'm not sure from when exactly. I would assume 70s or later with its delightful rayon fabric. 

I just kept this outfit simple because the dress is really cute on its own. Plus it was 80 degrees outside so I was definitely not feeling layers. Once about a month of constant heat sets in I'll be toughing it out and wearing my cardigans just to mix things up. As for now I have no patience for that!

dress: thrifted | shoes: bongo - kmart | belt: ralph lauren - thrifted | sunglasses: walmart | flower earrings: forever 21

Happy Wednesday!


Eccentric Owl said...

That dress is super cute! It definitely looks 70's, especially the collar and print. I love it on you!

Marlen said...

Haha with 80 degrees i wouldn't feel like layering up that dress either. but it's not like it needs any dressing up- it's SO adorable on it's own! i love the pussy bow, and the slight pleats in the front.

Also, I totally went to Neat Repeats this weekend! I scored a lot of cute pieces, thank you for the enabling!! haha

xo Marlen
Messages on a Napkin

Ali Hval said...

The heat is already almost unbearable, isn't it?? Man, I am so not ready for this summer, haha! Though the green leaves are a nice change...

I really adore your sunnies, Jamie! You always have the cutest little accessories.

Milex said...

you make me happy

Appreciate the Day said...

This dreaa is really cute. I love the pattern and how you've changed the sleeves to make it more wearable. I can totally appreciate the heat I mean it's not even warm yet here and already I'm in short sleeves.
Kate xx

wardrobeexperience said...

looooooooooooooove this dress! so cute!

Adora Mehitabel said...

You look lovely!! Love your outfit! Very vintage

Laura said...

That dress is just so cute on you! I'm so jealous of your weather right now, though, I have to say!


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