April 4, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

Just a quick post this Thursday since it'll be a busy one! Here are a few fun internet things:

DuJour's smash hit "Back Door Lover". Shout out if you know what movie this is from!:

A picture from Grumpy Cat's professional photo shoot by Time Magazine:

I tried this tutorial by XSparkage featuring Urban Decay's Chaos shadow and it turned out so cool!:


* 7 Misused Science Words. It makes me sad that people don't understand these.

* I want this gigantic eyeshadow palette! So many colors. And on sale.

* Um. Word. One of my new favorite quotes.

* These space underwear at Modcloth glow in the dark. 

* 11 boring songs made brilliant by other artists.


Ali Hval said...

Grumpy cat... photoshoot? Say whaaaat? That cat is going places.

And it also makes me sad about the science words--science was one of my favorite subjects, and I thought those were such obvious and commonplace terms!

Erin Gerofsky said...

Ummm YES Josie and the Pussycats!! It may not be uncommon for me to text my best friend randomly "Du Jour means ____". Ridiculous movie. Also, Tard the grumpy cat is my favourite. Too funny!

Predictions for the Past

Laura said...

That Grumpy Cat photoshoot is the greatest...definitely brightened my day! :) LOVE that space underwear (going on my wishlist for sure) and the science article. Such a shame that those things are so often misunderstood. And Neil is awesome, but I will say that not all theists look at God that way :)


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