April 18, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday!

Harry Potter Honest Trailer:

This super cute ice cream bow from Shop of Worldly Delights:

This guy makes amazing coffee art and shares his creations on his Tumblr, Baristart. (Also, Coneheads!)

Words of wisdom from the mighty Bob Ross:


* The Walking Dead invading Conan in Atlanta.
*According to this Buzzfeed article, I've been living life in my late twenties since I was 18.
* 6 people you become on Fridays - I'm #3, #4, and sometimes #2.
* 5 unrealistic movie cliches that are scientifically accurate.
* I was featured on Southern California Belle's hair inspiration post alongside some other very cool girls!

1 comment:

Eccentric Owl said...

That ice cream bow is SO cute!

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