May 24, 2013

Denim Polka Dot Skirt & Sparkly Pink Accessories

It's Friday! Here I styled up a t-shirt I got at a New Pornographers concert a few years back. This denim polka dot skirt is a recent find from the Target girls' clearance section. Sometimes I like to walk through the kids' department and see what they have since I can fit into a lot of it. This skirt happened to be only $6 so I couldn't pass it up! I've already worn it a few times before, but this is its first appearance on the blog. 

t-shirt: american apparel - concert | skirt: cherokee - target | shoes: solanz - shoe carnival | bracelet: gift | earrings: forever 21 or claire's | floral hair clip: forever 21 | sunglasses: forever 21

Sometimes you just have to wear sparkly pink accessories. This bracelet is from homecoming freshman year of high school and the earrings are almost as old. Oh well! I still like them!

These are another new pair of shoes here too! I have about a billion shoes but Mom and I were browsing Shoe Carnival and I saw these for $15, tried them on, and now they're mine. They're so comfortable too! I'm always in the market for cute shoes I can actually walk to class in without killing my feet. 

Anyway, have a great Friday! 


Camilla said...

You look lovely, sweetie! :)


Temporary:Secretary said...

Jamie-Rose, you are a mega babe! x

Megan S. said...

Those shoes are fantastic!

Ali Hval said...

Hey Jamie, you had the best style in high school, 'cause I'm totally digging your sparkly pink accessories. Those earrings are like a cosmic pink snowstorm and I dig 'em a ton.

And $6 for a skirt? Girl, that's awesome!

JennaStevie said...

I really love wearing band tee's with cute skirts. It's such a lovely combination. Love this polka dot skirt!

Sammi said...

So stinking cute! I love the band tee with the girly skirt!

xox Sammi

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

Sometimes I forget about the kids section in places! I could probably fit into some things. I like looking through the kids stuff in Goodwill when I remember to. I love this look, btw. I love the colors and the band tee. You look festival ready!

Michelle said...

Cute look! I am in love with those sunglasses! xo

Rachel Sullivan said...

I love this outfit! I've really been digging graphic tees lately. Too bad I have like, one. What's up with that!


Marlen said...

Ohh how I wish I could fit into Girl's Section clothes. Alas, the first and last time I tried it I felt like Hulk ripping out of his clothes in the changing room haha. And that skirt is so cute- hey it looks exactly like your background! I have a great eye ;)

And how cute that you used your homecoming jewelry in this outfit. I love making fancy things casual like that. Also, I'm glad to hear I have some fellow lazy bloggers out there- yay for half-assed work out videos =P

xo Marlen
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A N D Y S T Y L E said...

you are sweet,love the pretty look! new follower, follow back, if you like ;) x

Laura said...

Well, that skirt is just absolutely adorable! How awesome that you can fit into the little girl's clothes - I don't think I could pull that off, but it would be nice; opening up a whole new section to shop in!

Also, that jewelry is just adorable! I'm especially swooning over those earrings - so cute!


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