May 23, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

Happy happy Thursday! Here are some internet things for you to look at this week. Woo!

This 1948 picture in Miama, FL. I want the outfit on the right!:

This is what happens when you wring water out of a towel in space:

This picture from The Wizard of Oz:

These vintage 1930s beach girls and their cool hats:

Commander Riker from Star Trek: The Next Generation always sits down like he's mounting a horse. I can't unsee this when I watch TNG!:

*22 sight gags you may have missed in The Powerpuff Girls.

*What evil people look like according to classic cartoons. I love this.

* 5 craziest ways men have censored female sexuality. #5 is pretty hilarious.

* George Takei being awesome, as usual.

*Delicious Looking Foods: Honey, Fig, & Goat Cheese Ice Cream | Double Chocolate Zucchini Bread | Rhubarb Ginger Strudel | Strawberry, Dark Chocolate, & Brie Grilled Cheese | Chocolate Ravioli |


Alee R. said...

why does the 1930s era seem more cooler than ours? we need to bring back some of their fashion!! :)) love this post, do check out my blog for an ASOS GIVEAWAY @

xoxo, Alee

Ali Hval said...

Haha the Star Trek sitting! I saw a gif set of that on Tumblr. Too funny.

And you know what would be awesome? If we could print out the outfits that old photographs had. That's be just rad.

Sidewalk Chic said...

I love that first photo of the 1930s women. That far right outfit is so cute for summer!

Nancy Wilde said...

those beach babes are so charming!

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