May 14, 2013

Tuesday Tunes: The New Pornographers - Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk

It's not uncommon knowledge that The New Pornographers is one of my all-time favorite bands. This song is from their most recent album, Together, from 2010. I hear they're working on a new album now so I'm definitely pumped about that!I can't help but play the crap out of my New Pornographers CDs when the weather warms up. 

The first video is them performing on Letterman and it more true to the album version, the second is a more intimate version in a studio. You get to see A.C. Newman and Neko Case performing up close!

Happy Tuesday!

1 comment:

Jenny O said...

I love your Tuesday Tunes posts! It's always bands I love and need to be reminded to listen to, or something awesome and new :D

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