June 30, 2013

Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Review + Swatches

Hey guys! Today I have a little lipstick review for you. I picked up four of the new Color Sensational Vivids lipsticks from Walgreens about a month back. I kept seeing them on the various makeup blogs I follow and decided I needed some ultra bright lipstick in my life.

Left to right: Shocking Coral, Pink Pop, Hot Plum, Vibrant Mandarin

Shocking Coral is a really pretty warm pink, but I wouldn't say it's a true coral. 
Vibrant Mandarin is more what I would call coral if you're looking for that shade. It reminds me of a retro orange-ish red.
Hot Plum is not as dark as the picture would have you believe. It's a really wearable medium purple shade with a hint of pink.
Pink Pop was a last minute choice because Jeanie said I needed that Barbie pink color. Guys, it's really Barbie pink. It's a light blue-based pink that I don't have anywhere else in my collection. It's hard to wear sometimes because I'm so used to wearing warmer pinks, but it's a really fun shade that makes a statement (even if the statement is hey, I'm a cool Barbie from 1995).

Left to Right: Vibrant Mandarin, Shocking Coral, Pink Pop, Hot Plum

The lipsticks are really creamy and comfortable to apply. They're not matte but they aren't particularly shiny. They're not super long lasting but they're so pretty I'll let that slide. I find the colors don't last through a meal, but they'll leave a bit of a stain on your lips. 

The packaging is vibrant and fun, but I kind of wish the orange covers changed according to the shade inside just so it'd be easier to find the one I'm looking for inside my big bag-o-lipsticks. I haven't had any problems with the covers falling off. 

These retail for $7.99, but Maybelline frequently has buy one get one 50% off sales so wait for those if you want to save a little money.

The Bottom Line: The Color Sensational Vivids are very pretty and comfortable to wear. They won't last through a meal but you can always reapply. I recommend these if you want some bright, affordable lipsticks for summer! 


Marlen said...

i am always on the hunt for new lipsticks, and that shocking coral one in particular is looking yummy. i love bright pops like that! and awesome tip to wait for the buy one get half off sale- that'll help the wallet out a bit ;)

xo Marlen
Messages on a Napkin

Ice Pandora said...

I have a wedding soon which mean
need makeup! I'd love to try out
this Shocking Coral c: Xx

Ali Hval said...

Ahh! I love these lipsticks. I always see them and want to buy more of them... right now I've got the hot plum color and am (sometimes, rarely) brave enough to wear it. I really love that vibrant mandarin color though, wowow~

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