June 24, 2013

Sister Style: Heart Print & Chevron Dresses

Happy Monday everyone! Here's what Jeanie and I wore to a get-together last Thursday. There was plenty of fun had by all because Cards Against Humanity is a hilarious game. 

These pictures were taken just when Matt pulled up to pick us up so they're obviously the most attractive. It's always awkward having extra spectators when outfit picture time is happening. 

My dress is a recent Target purchase. I randomly decided to try it on because I didn't have anything like it yet. This is probably as close to the maxi dress trend that I'd get. It's just more flattering on my short frame if some leg is showing. It's also an incredibly comfortable dress, so that's always a plus!
shoes: shoe carnival | dress: target | spiked bracelet: jigsaw london

Have a great day!


stevia indrawan said...

ooh I love your wedges!
and tha love printed dress is adorable too :)

The Sweetest Escape 

Appreciate the Day said...

I love that dress. It looks so comfortable and easy to dress up or down. In other words I love a versitile piece of clothing.
And of course the heart print is so cute!
Kate xx

Ashley said...

I tend too stay away from maxis too. Being 5' does that to a girl. You both look adorable!

xo Ashley

JennaStevie said...

Both of you gals have the cutest dresses. Love the heart print one, great day dress. And I love seeing you in this length, it's a great piece!

Jenna Condon said...

Hey cute blog. :) I followed via bloglovin'. follow back? Thanks

Ali Hval said...

haha I adore you--it IS hard to take pictures in front of spectators. Whenever a car passes by I get all shy and I even get a little nervous when my dad is there. Anyone who isn't my mom, really. Whatevs!

I'm loving your target dress. oooh! Especially the waist.

Dolce Virginia said...

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