June 20, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! I found plenty of fun things to share today (though many of the pictures don't have a real source so if you know send it on over to me.) Have a great day!

xSparkage's makeup tutorial using the new Ariel Storylook Palette by Sephora. (I need this palette!):

Mustache puppy! (Click for a regal picture of him all grown up):

This picture of Catherine Deneuve in The Young Girls of Rochefort:
(source unknown)

Oh Mary Poppins. I need to watch that movie again soon:
(via pinterest)
This. Oh how I love Harry Potter humor:
(why does nothing have a source?)


*How historical figures would have looked in the 21st century.

*The 20 craziest Star Trek fashion moments.


Imogen said...

I really want the Ariel makeup. This is so inspiring and creative and beautiful.

Laura said...

Even though that picture is super creepy, Harry Potter humor is the best!


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