June 25, 2013

Tuesday Tunes: Sloan - Oh Dear Diary

I've heard this song a few times on the Canadian alternative station while driving around. Now it's stuck in my head, so I'm sharing it for Tuesday Tunes! I really like this cool acoustic live version of the song. The original version is the second video.

There's just something really catchy about this song!


ManicPop - Nicole said...

Ahhhh! Sloan! My favorite band! Jay always remembers me when I see him at shows. I think they might be doing a new album soon. Been a fan for yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrs! <3

Laura said...

Ahhh, this makes me super happy! Sloan was my favorite band growing up (in Canada) :) Excellent choice!


Josephine Cheng said...

I had no idea of this band before! Thanks for introducing them to me.


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