July 12, 2013

Galaxy Print Skirt with a Leopard Print Top

Why? Because sometimes I need to dress like a galactic leopard. Or because I saw somebody else successfully pair these prints together and decided I needed to try it too. Either way I enjoyed the experimental weird mix of prints. Everything looks cooler with a pair of sunglasses too. These ones are from Dollar Tree (where everything's a dollar!). Cheap sunglasses are where it's at. 

skirt: romwe | top: papaya | shoes: shoe carnival | sunglasses: dollar tree 

I hope you guys have a nice weekend! I'm wooping it up and visiting family in Illinois. Good times. 

Happy Friday!


Ali Hval said...

Whoaaaa, Jamie! That skirt is stellar (muwaha, I just want to describe it with a ton of Zenon-esuqe phrases... but I shall refrain) and I think it does go so well with that leopard. Who would have thought it?
They're both kind of spotty, you know?

Also, "wooping it up"--lurve dat phrase. Sounds fun. >:D

Nikki said...

Or how and unexpected combination can just WOW anyone! Love this! The green and blue colors in the skirt are quite pretty and remind me of the northern lights. Have fun in Illinois!! xo Nikki

JennaStevie said...

What a fun combination!!! I borrowed a Galaxy print skirt from one of the Flock Together gals and should totally try print mixing it before I have to send it back this weekend!
Love your skirt!!

Camilla said...

What a looooovely skirt!


Callie - Coffee and Cardigans said...

Oh, this is such a fun combination. But I really love the leopard print crop top. I can imagine how many different things that could be paired with! The skirt is a definite fun piece too. I think it would be adorable with a chunky sweater when the weather starts to cool down, too.

Definitely agree about the cheap sunglasses too. Hope that you have a great weekend visiting family! I'm going to do the same.


Imogen said...

This is an outstanding combination of patterns

casper+pearl said...

in love with this post, and your whole entire blog in general.

lots of love from the casper&pearl girls – a little Aussie fashion brand
casper&pearl blog

Ira Kharchenko said...

I love the skirt! So chic:)


Laura Go said...

Have a lovely time with your fam, Jamie! LOVE that skirt!

Jessi said...

Ok I have to admit - I read the title and cringed. Haha. But holy wow! You can pull of anything apparently. It actually looks really really good! You're one cute galactic leopard :)
And yes, cheap sunnies all the way!

Pooja Mittal said...

Nice post..
Would you like to follow each other..!!
Keep in touch,

Laura said...

That skirt is just so adorable! I'm loving this pattern mixing! Also, isn't Dollar Tree just the best? I could spend hours in there! Those sunglasses are the best.


Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

how cute are you!? i LOVE the crop top, the perfect length w the high waisted skirt, which is super duper fun! love the look and couldnt agree more that sunnies make it all cooler.
My blog: Cuddly Cacti
My E-Shop: Mitla Moda

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