July 5, 2013

July PersunMall Wishlist

(affiliate links) 1. Black Striped Shorts | 2. European Figures Skirt | 3. Hot Air Balloon Top  | 4. Tiger Head Dress | 5. Pink Chiffon Top | 6. Floral Lace Skirt | 7. Arrow Bracelet | 8. Red Satchel Bag

Hey guys! I just wanted to share a few awesome things I found on PersunMall the other day. If you're not familiar with them, they're a store that specializes in fashion-forward clothes and accessories. My favorite is that they have free worldwide shipping. I always hate when I realize shipping costs are more than the actual merchandise. I don't have to worry about that with PersunMall.

How cool is that hot air balloon shirt? I really liked a lot of their blouses and tops, but I'll have to visit later on in the year since a lot are long-sleeved and therefore way too warm for our hot Georgia summers! And the red satchel bag can be converted into a backpack, so that means I need it right?

Anyway, happy Friday!


Alyssa Molin-Graves said...

Number 2 and 6- LOVE! I have seen that skirt before and thought the print was just so cool! Don't see one like that everyday ;) Hope you are having a wonderful start to your month and hope you have an amazing weekend!

xo, Alyssa

Imogen said...

My favourites are the hot air balloon print because it is so unique and the tiger dress just because I love tigers.

Nikki said...

Free shipping for the win! I love that balloon top and the striped short :) Persunmall has some cute gear! ^^ x

PensiveFashionista said...

Really great picks!
I love the hot air balloon top, the bracelet, the red satchel, and the tiger dress. Thanks for sharing these picks.

Ali Hval said...

Oh, don't tell me they have free worldwide shipping... then that means I HAVE to look at them... and because that lion face dress is so cool, I just may have to order a thing or two... ;oooh.

Anonymous said...

Loving the striped shorts!! You have great taste!

Xo, Hannah


Marlen said...

ooo i love the detailing on that pink top. it's like..structured? whatever it's doing i'm LIKING IT.

also, you best hope your boyfriend doesn't have any specific decorating tastes, haha. but judging from the comments i got on that post, my boyfriend is the only guy on this whole blasted planet that cares how we spruce up the apartment. i feel so jipped. JIPPED. but seeing how your boy is moving into YOUR place, you still have a year without headaches ahead of you ;)

xo Marlen
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Jessi said...

I love those striped shorts! I've been really wanting some striped pants for a while now.. That air balloon shirt is so darling too! LOVE.

Sara @ Saison said...

What a great collection, especially love the hot air balloon shirt :)

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