July 29, 2013

Navy Striped Dress, Spiky Shoes, and a Bouffant

Remember my mustache dress I wore a few posts back? Well this is the same Walmart child dress with a different pattern! I think I'll get more wear out of this classic striped number than the mustache print one, but they were both so inexpensive it really doesn't matter. I can definitely see this dress worn a number of different ways - especially in cooler weather with tights and various layering items. Its first time out needed to have a nautical vibe though. Gold and navy blue always look great together. Plus I had new anchor earrings to wear.

How would you wear a striped dress like this? 

Navy Striped Dress
dress: faded glory - walmart | shoes: boohoo | belt: thrifted | anchor earrings: forever 21 | necklace: great grandma collection

Navy Striped Dress, Gold Statement Necklace
Clear Spiked Sandals
Rook Piercing and Anchor Earrings
Navy Striped Dress and Clear Spiked Sandals
Bouffant and Striped Navy Dress

In other life news I began the process of moving Matt into my apartment over the weekend. That meant clearing out a lot of my clothes and taking them home. Sad times. Though there were things there that I haven't worn in a long time so I guess I should donate some stuff. It's probably unnecessary to keep shirts from high school. I feel like I have so many clothes I can't wear them all but I want them there as options if I have the urge to wear something specific! Anybody else like that? There's just not room! I want an entire room closet. Ah...life dreams...

Happy Monday!


Purple Ivy said...

You hair goes beautifully with the navy and white.


Frannie Pantz said...

Indeed! I can see some serious mixing abilities with this dress! You are so lucky to fit into child's sizes. And your sandals are adorable!

Ali Hval said...

Your accessories in this outfit are killer, Jamie! The belt, the necklace, those rad sandals... I love 'em all!

Hmmm, I think for winter you should pair this dress with some really bright hot pink tights. I dunno, that's the first thing I thought of.

It's sad having to get rid of clothes... especially ones from high school, aw! Like all those little event T-shirts... I still have all mine that fit, but I guess once I get out of college wearing them won't be top on my priority list. I wish you luck in cleaning! Be sure to save some things!~~

Temporary:Secretary said...

I love this outfit and all the little details such as the anchor earrings and the studded sandals! love love LOVE it! x

Lauren said...

Haha omg, I swear every blogger is dating a Matt. Anyways, I totally tried the kid's section thing yesterday, and all the kids stuff at target was just as expensive as the adult stuff! D: It was a sad day. But anyways, you look really cute! I love the contrast of your red hair with the blue dress.

Marlen said...

lovelovelove this dress! and i think you styled it so perfectly. i think it'd look cute with a little denim jacket, too. and i can't get over those sandals! they're the coolest things.

and i hate clearing out my closet
-__- for me it's so necessary because i start feeling overwhelmed when i have too much crap, but i usually regret it right after i donate, haha. like last month i gave away these two shirts from F21 and now i'm coming up with all these outfits that would go perfect with it. sigh.

xo marlen
Messages on a Napkin

Laura said...

I'm loving that dress - so cute! You could even wear it as a top or skirt when it get cooler!

Also, I feel the same way about clothes - way to much emotional attachment for sure!


Elana said...

I still can't believe you got this dress at Walmart, it's absolutely adorable! I LOVE how you accessorized it too — that necklace goes with it perfectly! Looking cute, as usual :)


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous outfit! Everything fits together perfectly! So happy I stumbled across your blog, I'm now your newest follower on bloglovin'. :) x


Daria Kirillova said...

your smile is perfect :)

check out my blog:) follow me if you like it :) and I will follow back

katie said...

I die over your hair, it's so pretty looking and you always do such pretty hairstyles. This one is fabulous and it's so striking with the navy dress! (And those studded sandals are pretty fabulous as well, they look so unexpected with such a classic look.)

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