July 8, 2013

Target Clearance Finds, A Floral Top, & New Sandals

Well I would've had more pictures of this outfit but it started raining on me! It's been raining pretty much every day for the past week or more. I wanted to wear a bunch of the stuff I got at Target the other day. This cardigan and the shorts were on clearance and the shoes are yet another pair from the kids' department. I'm pretty sure the shorts were around $6 and the cardigan was too. Good times. Target really has great clearance if you look!

shorts, cardigan, shoes: target | top, flower hair clip: forever 21

These shorts are going to be great to throw on for class next semester. They're so flippy and comfortable! They'll be great paired with tights too. I'm pretty pumped about them. I'm also pumped about these shoes. I tried them on a couple trips back and couldn't stop thinking about how light and comfy they were. So now I own them. It's probably time to slow down on the shoe buying.

Anyway, I hope you're having a good Monday!


Jurgita K. said...

you always look so cute!

Imogen said...

The kids section of Target is just the best! love it so much but I do always worry about seeing a kid in the same clothes or shoes!I love your beautiful floral top and hair pin and I always enjoy viewing your outfits with the way you put them together.

Ali Hval said...

You and your rad deals, Jamie!!~ honestly, I'm always shocked at how good you do. And you actually find cute things, too. I need Jamie skills. (rubs on you for luck)

Slow down on shoe buying? People do that?

Megan S. said...

I can't believe those shoes were in the kids section! What kids wear heels that big? It blows my mind. For us adults though they look great! I'm jealous of your clearance finds too, I never have luck like that!

Marlen said...

ten bucks says you won't slow down on the shoe buying, haha. those shorts are awesome, at first i thought it was a skirt because it's so willowy! awesome find. and i AM from orland park!! ugh that'd be SO awesome if we could meet up. when are you going up there next? i just bought tickets for august 1st to the 6th. :)

xo Marlen
Messages on a Napkin

Rose M said...

Oh hi Jamie! First: I absolutely adore your blog! You seem like such a nice and funny person, and reading your blog always cheers me up. Also you have the cutest style, and introduce me to the funniest links, so you are pretty much my favourite person on the internet :) Second: When you buy shoes from the kids' department, does it mean that you have small feet? Because I'm a size 2.5 (it's ridiculous, I know! I'm surprised I don't fall over), and I always have trouble finding shoes that fit, and I was wondering whether you might know of some good webstores that have small shoes? - You know, some that doesn't light up whenever you take a step, or have pictures of Spiderman all over (..although as a Marvel-geek I actually own a pair of those, and love them, but it would also be nice to not look like I robbed my eight-year old cousin's closet, just once in a while).

- Rose

Jamie Rose said...

@Rose M,
Thank you so much! I actually wear a 7 1/2 in womens sizes, but the kids' shoes at Target run pretty large. I can buy a 5 or 6 in kids' shoes there. But they also have smaller sizes so I would check those out if I were you because chances are they would fit you. They seem to have quite a few styles that aren't kiddish at all. I occasionally glance through the kids' departments in other shoe stores and I see a lot of children's shoes that don't look juvenile. I think it's just going to be an epic hunt for you to find shoes your whole life! Sometimes I wish I had smaller feet so I could wear Spiderman shoes! haha

Photostorming said...

I really like your shirt!

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Laura said...

You look so adorable! I really love that color of cardigan. And aren't shorts like that just the best? I just got a vintage pair that is really similar to these - super cute!


Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

I remember seeing those shoes! I love them on you! You make them look diferent than I imagined them being in the store, if that makes sense. I thought they wouldnt go with anything, but seeing you wear it with a floral dress makes me think I was silly to overlook them.

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