July 25, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday!

The score at the end of Pocahontas is one of my favorites. So epic! Here's a list of top Disney scores from the past 20 years - Part 1Part 2.  (Some of my favorites were left out though. Sad.)

This teacher who wore the same outfit in his school picture every single year:

Why you should never ask the internet for Photoshop help:

*This post Against Effortlessness by The Clothes Horse is wonderful. I'm not too cool to say I put effort into my appearance!

*This robot temporary tattoo by Tattly would be a perfect gift for Jeanie's birthday.

*This list of Literary Doppelgangers can help you pick out your new favorite book!

*Apparently I've been tying my shoes inefficiently my whole life!

*This Tumblr filled with hipsters who dress like Jackie from Rosanne


Rachel Sullivan said...

Omg if I had mouths as eyes
think of all the food I could eat


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! You have wonderful taste!

Xo, Hannah


Emma said...

I love that teacher, haha. That is commitment.

Such an interesting read about effortlessness- I agree!

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