July 2, 2013

Tuesday Tunes: Thumbelina (1994) - Let Me Be Your Wings

Look me in the eyeball and tell me you don't love this. Yeah I guess it could be a possibility if you didn't watch this wonderful Don Bluth film in the 90s, but I did and I love it. A few years back I had a rediscovery of all the animated movies of my youth. I specifically remembered this song from Thumbelina which in turn made me remember the whole movie. Now I have it on DVD to watch whenever it strikes my fancy. That's more often than I'll admit. I'm an adult. 

Fun fact: Jodi Benson (of The Little Mermaid fame) does the voice for Thumbelina. And now you're going, "thaaaat's where I've heard that voice". Yep. 

Sorry if I've made you want to watch this movie now. It's worth it though. Charo voices a very well-endowed dancing frog, so....

(Ah it's on Blu-ray now!) Ok. Happy Tuesday!

1 comment:

Marlen said...

oh. my. god. BEST POST EVER!! seriously, i had to bite back a squeal when i saw this. this was my FAVORITE movie growing up. and i may or may not have stood up and danced to this when i clicked play, hahah

xo Marlen
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