August 16, 2013

A Kids' Bow Dress, Pink Sandals, and Cat Eye Sunglasses

This is the kind of outfit you're most likely to see me sporting around campus this time of year. Especially when I don't have time to think about an elaborately put-together outfit! You really can't go wrong with a comfy dress and flats. This dress is the one I recently found in the kids' section at Target (for $17). You can see Jeanie's deer print version in this post. I really love the cute little bow print on this one. It'll go with all kinds of different tights when the weather cools down too. I'm pretty pumped about it!

dress: cherokee - target | sandals: ross dress for less? | bracelet: gift | sunglasses: dollar tree | earrings: forever 21

Here's a nice picture where Matt made me look like a giant! Pretty glorious isn't it?

Oh and did I mention this dress has a cute little cutout in the back. Breezy, yet covers the bra zone!

I've already started to wish it was fall and broke out a pumpkin beer last week. In August. Oops. But oh was it deliciously fall-ish. I'm looking forward to lots more coffee, various soups, and all things pumpkin and apple flavored. 

I hope you guys have a great Friday/weekend! 

P.S.: (I'll officially post the video here tomorrow, but if you get a chance please pop over to YouTube and see my audition video to be a children's television host on Sprout TV. The more views the better! And thumbs ups/positive comments are always good to see. This is my dream job! Thank you!!) 


mariel janina said...

such a cute dress. as are you <3

Ali Hval said...

Adoraaaable as always! I always like seeing what fun shades of lipstick you have. The pink is so pretty on you and matches your sandals perfectly!

Laura Go said...

I'm totally in Fall mode now as well. I've been putting cinnamon in ERRYTHING! ;) Cute sandals!

Bad Taste Toast said...

Aww cute cute dress, I love the bow print and that the black and white makes it so versatile! Also lovely cut out on the backside! The pink sandals are such a cute pop of colour!

Jenn from Fashion and Fringe said...

I want those sandals! That's the perfect pink!

Katrina Sophia said...

I neeeed one of those cat eye sunglasses!

The Young Bridget Jones

Ruth Lalliankimi said...

Aww such a lovely outfit. Love the car shades especially

Ruth x

Imogen said...

Wow Jamie, what a talent you have, your audition is perfect. I want you to get this so much.

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