August 28, 2013

Double Navy & Red Clog Sandals

Happy Wednesday everyone! Here's a relatively simple outfit I wore to class the other day. For some reason I really wanted to wear a navy blue top with my blue shorts. Double navy! I tried my sail boat top at first and something about the two shades of blue just wasn't working, so out came my striped t-shirt. This was a very comfy outfit. I think these red shoes kind of make the outfit though. Plus they're a little big around the ankle so there was no rubbing on my scratched-up ankles! Hooray comfort.

shorts: forever 21 | top: forever 21 | shoes: cherokee - target | belt: thrifted

nails: o.p.i - the living daylights & china glaze - budding romance

Thank you to Matt for taking my pictures this day. He's learning well!

I hope you guys are having a good week. Mine has been busy and I'm very sleepy. I keep getting very little sleep due to all the work I can't catch up on. Maybe this weekend I can catch up. I doubt it though.

Have a great middle of your week!


Ali Hval said...

For some reason this title alluded to that Double Rainbow thing that was going around such a long time ago for me... double rainbow all the way across the skyyyy. I hope you get my reference, hahaha.

But yes, I love all the navy here! It goes so well against your bright red hair, and those shoes are so cute! I hope you're having a great hump day, Jamie!

October Rebel said...

Yay navy! Love, love, love your shorts. :-)

Camilla said...

Loved your nails! <3


JennaStevie said...

This look is lovely and so very nautical!! Love the striped top and the comfy shorts

Dilan Dilir said...

you look soo cute! :)

Iris Ruiz said...

Gorgeous look!


Marlen said...

awww i love your little nautical outfit- i think the red shoes totally made it. and yay for no scratched up heels ;)

xo marlen
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Anonymous said...

Your shorts are so beautiful! I would absolutely wear this outfit head-to-toe.

Xo, Hannah

Imogen said...

Looking wonderful Jamie. Stripes are always a winner.

aprileveryday said...

I love this outfit! I've been looking for a pair of shorts similar to these for a while now, but I'm having no luck haha! Have a lovely week!

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