August 7, 2013

Sailor Top, Polka Dots, & Wayfarer Sunglasses

I wore this sailor-y and dotty outfit last week. I thought I may have been giving off a little bit of a 90s Sunday school teacher vibe, but I got a lot of random positive comments on this outfit. I like it even more now that I've seen the pictures.
This sailor top has been sitting in my drawer all summer and hasn't been in an outfit post yet. If you want to give me more ideas on how to wear it, I'm open for suggestions. You guys probably know my wardrobe pretty well by now! I think it looked really great with this polka dot dress though!

Polka Dot Dress and Sailor Crop Top
dress: romwe | top: forever 21 | shoes: bongo - kmart | sunglasses: dollar tree | bracelet: vintage hand-me-down

Nautical Crop Top and Wayfarers
Nautical Sailor Blouse and Polka Dot Dress
Wayfarer Sunglasses, Vintage Bracelet
Forever 21 Sailor Crop Top & Wayfarers
Nautical Sailor Blouse over a Polka Dot Dress

Yesterday was Jeanie's 20th birthday so Happy Birthday Jeanie!! It needed to be said on the blog! Thank you for taking these pictures for me homegirl.

Do you guys ever have weeks that just suck for no real reason? I've been in a funk all week. I know I always try to be positive and cheerful on the blog, but in reality I'm not always that way. This week especially. If you don't know me well, I'm a worrier. Everything is stressing me out even though I know I really have no reason to be full of anxiety when people are way worse off than I am. Thinking about school starting back after last year was a lot of work is giving me anxiety. I'm not packed up to head back, I still have to deal with the DMV to renew my license, I've been feeling sad about George, and I'll be figuring out how to live with another person in my apartment when I'm used to living alone. Not to mention the constant fear that I won't find a required internship for next spring (and wondering what I'll do after I graduate). Plus I'm trying to enter a competition for my dream job and I'm constantly telling myself I'm not good enough. 
You can tell me I have no reason to be sad because I really don't. 

Is there anything that cheers you up no matter what?

Have a happy Wednesday!


Ali Hval said...

Gasp! We have the exact same top, Jamie! Be sure to wear it lots and lots so I can copy your outfits, okay? :D muwahahaha. I just love the little cape thing in the back (I bet there's a name for that, but I don't know it). And it looks so cute with polka dots!

I hope you get out of your funk soon enough. I'm a worrier just like you are so I know how it feels to be in that limbo zone before school starts where you need to get everything packed and things all sorted out... ugh, I'm feeling it myself. Hmmm, ways to cheer you up... I'd say an easy paced bike ride, tea and a good book, haha, or maybe just a nice day out to an ice cream parlor with a good friend!

Rachel Sullivan said...

Your hair is like, the best color ever. Pretty close to what I'm trying to achieve with dye, but you got it all natural! I jelly.
I hope you start feeling better! The last two times I went to the DMV it was way less painful than I remember at 16... maybe because everyone's doing stuff online nowadays? I hope your trip isn't so bad, DMVs are probably a state-wide thing.


Camilla said...

You look adorable, Jamie! <3


Frannie Pantz said...

I think this top will look fabulous with some skinny jeans as well!

As for your week, I'm really sorry to hear. I have had that this whole summer almost for some reason--things just pile up! Try to relax when you can and find ways that you can just "not worry". As a worrier myself, I know that is easier said than done, but even taking a half hour break with a cup of coffee can make all the difference for me!

Janice Thi Tran said...

Awesome outfit! You look lovely! Cannot wait to read more from you!
xx, (✿◠‿◠)

Sammi said...

I love this top! I remember seeing it on Ali and loving it, too. I totally understand what you mean about having a hard week... I'm right there with ya, and this comes from a total worrywart. I always hear to take one thing at a time, to remember to breathe, but that often doesn't work for me because I get too caught up in worrying to see things objectively. It does all even out in the end, though. This too shall pass!

xox Sammi

Sarah Johnson said...

I totally understand your worrying problem. I have the exact same issue. I should be happy all the time because I just got engaged but I'm worrying about weddings, finishing school, and also renewing my license (not looking forward to going to the DMV). It usually puts me in a funk also. But no matter what everything will come together!

I love your top and your style! Good luck with your last year of grad school. I'll be graduating UGA in december with my Bachelor's.

<3 Sarah

gabrielle said...

Sorry you're feeling down this week. I've definitely been feeling anxious too -- maybe it's something in the air.

There are a few no-fail things that always make me happier: chocolate, shopping (actual real-life, in the store shopping) and nature (getting outside & seeing wildlife)

do something to make yourself feel special! hope you cheer up soon.


Laura said...

You look so adorable! I really love that skirt!

I'm sorry to hear that you are having such a sucky week. No fun! :/ Things that always cheer me up are either thrifting or spending time with my cousin!


Emma said...

This is such a great outfit, no wonder you got so many compliments on it! That top would look cute with pretty much anything-- I think highwaisted shorts would look especially good!

I'm sorry you've been in a funk, that's no fun. I can't think about what I'm going to do after I graduate without freaking out, either! Whenever I'm down I usually make a good cup of tea (tea solves everything!) and have a little cuddle with my puppy :)

Alyssa Marie said...

First off Jamie- you look absolutely divine in this outfit- just incredibly too cute. Your hair is so vivid and gorgeous- I am totally jealous!

2nd- I toooootally understand what you mean about those weeks of being "in a funk", that was seriously my whole week last week! It was awful, haha everyday I was just like ahhhh! stress! worry! and when the week was over and I looked back at it- I was like- ok, there were a few things that went awry- but it wasn't as bad as I made it out to be. I usually bake something pretty, go on a bike ride and put my favorite outfits on when I am feeling this way. Also- funny movies- lots and lots of funny movies and comedies! Hang in there, things will get better, and remember how amazing you are and all that you have already accomplished!!! Much love <3

xo, Alyssa

Elana said...

Seriously, could you be any cuter? This is way too adorable, it's almost not fair. You need to wear this top all the time now.

Also, I totally understand that constant fear about getting a job. I'm going into my last year of college and I'm freaking out. But I'm positive you have nothing to worry about. Anyone who doesn't hire you is INSANE!

Anonymous said...

OMG obsessed with this outfit. You look like the most adorable little sailor of all time!

Xo, Hannah

katie said...

Ugh, I have to raise my hand and nodd along with everything you just said. (Execpt that it seems like a bummer month) I get really stressed out when I'm not doing so well and it seems like this week has just been a week of freak outs. I hope everything perks up for you and that a little of that load gets lifted off your shoulders. (When it's been that sort of week I usually just watch Grease in bed and eat cheesecake. cheesecake does make everything better.)
All of that aside, I looove this. How cute are you in this top? And man, you can totally rock the shades.

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