August 1, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday!

Jesse & The Rippers reuniting on Jimmy Fallon. 90s goodness:

This fake Daria movie trailer that I wish was real:


* Former child actress Mara Wilson has a blog and it's cool.

* 21 actors who almost got the part. So glad Jennifer Lawrence wasn't Bella because Bella is one of the worst characters in history and Jennifer is too cool for that.

* Some important fashion lessons from Lizzie McGuire.

* These portraits of identical twins reveal differing effects of time and environment on genetically identical people.

* Sony Pictures is looking into turning Captain Planet into a movie. (Oh man I hope this is true.)


Anonymous said...

Mara Wilson's blog is awesome!! You always alert me to the coolest stuff in these posts!

Xo, Hannah

Laura said...

1.) The Jesse and the Rippers reunion was AMAZING!

2.) Mara Wilson's blog is awesome.

3.) I loved that Lizzie McGuire fashion lesson! That show was so the bomb! :)


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