August 20, 2013

Tuesday Tunes: Braid - The New Nathan Detroits

Ah Braid. What a wonderful band. They'd moved on to other projects by the time I discovered them in high school, but they've reunited! My ears need to have an audio feast on their new tunes as soon as possible.

Jessica from Midwest Muse just posted that she'd seen them live and I freaked out at the awesomeness of that. She also reminded me I hadn't listened to Braid for entirely too long!

I found this live video of Braid performing the song in 1999 so I thought that'd be a pretty cool one to show you!

A story about this song: My cousins, Jeanie, and I were driving around listening to this song and - at the part of the song about 11 seconds in to this video - heard the words "potato chip if I had a chance". We all turned to each other and were like, "what?" He actually isn't talking about potato chips. It's "but to tell you the truth if I had a chance" but I'll forever hear "potato chip".   Now wasn't that a good story?

Happy Tuesday!


milje andse said...

Thanks for your great post:).Love the fashion and style. hope to learn more from you!

danniekate said...

cute blast from the past! xx

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome song!

Xo, Hannah

Cattail Down said...

What a great track!


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