September 29, 2013

Trip to Roanoke, VA: The Homeplace

We took a trip up to Roanoke, Virginia for a couple days in June but I forgot to post any pictures from the trip! I figured since it's going on October it's probably about time. I'll break these pictures into two posts so they're not gigantic. 

We used to live up in Roanoke in my elementary school days so I have fond memories of that city. The first place we went was The Homeplace restaurant and it was as delicious as my memories of it. It's an old house in the mountains turned into a tasty restaurant. They serve you family style, all-you-can-eat. It's one of those places where you always leave uncomfortably full, but also super satisfied. We went on a Thursday so they also had pulled pork barbecue as a meat option. Clearly it was necessary to get three different meats. It was so incredibly tasty. The scenery up there is gorgeous too. It was overcast and slightly drizzly, but it was still great to be among the mountains again.

I hope you guys are having a nice Sunday!

September 28, 2013

A Jeanie Outfit: Dotted Chambray Top & a Skater Skirt

It's time for another Jeanie outfit! This is a summery look from before it was officially fall. Both of the pieces here could probably be paired with about a thousand different outfits. You have to love versatile clothes. I wish I had a denim polka dot top like Jeanie's!

skirt, top: forever 21 | shoes: target | sunglasses: ?

Aren't these shoes goofy? The heel is squishy! They're from the Target kids' department and are really cute, but the squishiness is definitely strange.

Happy Saturday!

September 27, 2013

Vibrant Green Blouse, Polka Dot Skirt, & a Headband

Happy Friday everyone!

I know this is kind of a spring-ish outfit, but I really enjoyed wearing it. For some reason I just love pairing blue and green together. I had earned some credits on Oasap and decided to use them on this cute green blouse. The color is so vibrant! I couldn't resist all the fun details on this top. (Though looking at the pictures now, I realize I probably should have ironed it before I wore it.) I really liked the way the polka dots in my skirt played off of the floral part of my new top.

blouse: c/o oasap | skirt: forever 21 | oxfords: forever 21 | headband: 3rd grade | earrings: forever 21

I've been wearing a lot of skirt outfits lately but I promise I have more variety coming up soon. I guess I've just been in a separates mood recently! 

I want to say thank you for always leaving such nice comments on my blog. You guys really are super sweet. I love when you guys say I look so happy in my posts because I really try to keep this blog as positive as possible (with an appropriate amount of sarcasm). I mean, I've always enjoyed being in pictures so I'm rarely unhappy to pose for a camera, but... Life has been kind of overwhelming lately, so I'm glad to hear I'm not bringing everyone down in blog land. 

It's been one of those weeks where I don't know how there will be enough time in a day to get everything done. I spent almost the entirety of yesterday reading academic articles and I'm not even 1/4 through the rest of the stuff I have to do this weekend. I really don't know how people with real grown-up jobs do graduate school. Probably at a slower pace than me? I hope so. 

Again, if you hear of any media/communications related internships for next spring in the Atlanta area send them my way. I'm having an awful time trying to get one on top of all my school work. Basically my head is stress village these days.

But anyway, I hope you guys have a great weekend!

P.S. Check out the Passion For Fashion linkup!:

September 25, 2013

Triple Polka Dots & a Futuristic Skater Skirt

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Here's an outfit with two new pieces I ordered from Forever 21. I mostly ordered stuff for this skirt and my Star Trek shirt...but other things like this crop top ended up in the cart. Sometimes it's nice to have new clothes! Though I really do need to go thrifting soon. I have a feeling this winter break will be a thriftstravaganza. (That's a word now.)

But anyway. This skirt. I think the little see-through mesh part is so cool! It feels futuristic. In my world futuristic means Zenon would wear it. So it's a Zenon skirt. I also realize I have three different polka dotted things on in this outfit. Yes, it was necessary. This outfit is a triple polka dot extravaganza!

Dotted Crop Top, Skater Skirt, Polka Dot Sunglasses
skirt, top, bow: forever 21 | shoes: solanze - shoe carnival | sunglasses: papaya | bracelet: premiere designs

Polka Dot Hair Bow on Red Hair
Polka Dot Sunglasses & Crop Top
Mesh Inlay Skater Skirt
Polka Dot Sunglasses
Polka Dot Crop Top, Black Skater Skirt, Silver Sandals

Are you guys having a good week? I've spent the vast majority so far doing school work. It never ends! But I'll stop complaining.

We had our first truly cool day of the season yesterday. Clearly this outfit is from before that. I even was able to wear my new burgundy leather jacket! I was so excited. Fall can never come quickly enough for me. It's the best season of all. Plus my birthday is in the fall so that makes it even better. 

Have a great middle of your week!

September 24, 2013

Tuesday Tunes: Headlights - Cherry Tulips

This is yet another song that brings me back to a very specific time in my life. This one screams freshman year of college for me. I listened to a lot of music that year, but I definitely played Headlights' entire album Some Racing, Some Stopping a few dozen times. (I also played a lot of The Essex Green, The Decemberists, & Ron Sexsmith.) This song is just so good. It's upbeat but also very chill. Perfect for a cool fall day.

In a related but strange note, this song is on the Snellville, GA Big Lots' music playlist. I've heard it multiple times while shopping in there and am always confused about how such a cool and unknown song ended up broadcast in Big Lots. (Big Lots can be pretty awesome though...)

Happy Tuesday everyone!

September 23, 2013

Mini Houndstooth & Stripes

Happy Monday everyone! Here's a simple outfit I threw together with my new striped crop top. It was ultra cheap, classic, and neutrally colored, so I figured it would be a good addition to my wardrobe. I'll be able to wear it with a bunch of different things. This time I paired it with my thrifted mini houndstooth skirt. The prints are both geometric, so they go together.

Striped crop top & houndstooth skater skirt
top: forever 21 | skirt: thrifted | shoes: solanze - shoe carnival | earrings: forever 21

Striped Shirt, Houndstooth Skirt

Aren't these earrings neat? You just string them through your ear. I was kind of concerned about them hurting to put in but a review on the website said they don't, so I went for it. It just feels weird to put them on but there isn't any pain. Now, I've had those first holes pierced since 1st grade so they're completely healed up on the inside and no earrings bother them. These could probably really irritate finicky piercings.
Chained Arrow Earrings, Rook Piercing
Striped Crop Top, Red Hair
Houndstooth Skater Skirt, Striped Crop Top, Silver Sandals

Did you guys have a good weekend? I actually went to the UGA football game on Saturday. We got rained on the entire time but it was still fun. Sunday was just a day for doing school work (as usual). 

Have a great start to your week!

September 22, 2013

Trend Time: Clear Accessories

Do you guys remember that trend with the clear backpacks back in the late 90s/early 2000s? This is like that, except better. Even the purse here looks classier than the clear 90s purses. At least I think so! I have a feeling we'll be seeing even more clear accessories once spring rolls around. It's a throwback trend while also feeling kind of futuristic. Or is that just me?

For some reason I can't get those clear rain boots from Modcloth out of my head! And I also want a clear raincoat like this one from Oasap. Though I'm pretty sure wearing a clear raincoat and clear rain boots at the same time probably isn't socially acceptable.

You can see me styling this trend with my clear spiked sandals here and here

Have a happy rest of your weekend!

(This post contains some affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.)

September 20, 2013

Star Trek Shirt, Blue Skater Skirt, & Black Sneakers

I couldn't pass up this Star Trek shirt when I was browsing Forever 21 online. I am a casual fan so I figured it was safe to buy it. I'm slowly making my way through the original series on Netflix after being a fan of Next Generation. I couldn't resist the fun design of this shirt even though it's a muscle tee. I bought a small and it's seriously over-sized on me. It's absolutely necessary to wear some sort of bandeau bra underneath - or wear a cardigan all day. I did both. If I was one of those leggings-as-pants girls, this would be the perfect top to wear with them because it thoroughly covers the butt. (It's also really great as a sleep shirt.)

But anyway, this shirt is 'da bomb'. And I matched the colors in the rest of my outfit to the design on the shirt because that's how I roll. Did you expect anything less from me?

Star Trek Muscle Shirt and a Blue Skater Skirt
top: forever 21 | skirt: forever 21 | cardigan: forever 21 | shoes: circo - target | socks: kmart 

Star Trek Shirt and Purple Cardigan

These shoes were less than $4 at Target. Seriously.They're a kids' 6 and definitely fit like a women's 8 so they're a tiny bit big on me. They're still cute though.
Black Sneakers, Purple Socks
Star Trek the original series shirt
Star Trek Shirt, Blue Skater Skirt, Sneakers
Vulcan Salute - Star Trek Shirt

I hope you guys are having a happy Friday. I'll be trying to get more work done, but probably procrastinating. I need to write cover letters for internships and all that fun stuff. 
If you have any leads for media-centered (TV/new media) internships in Atlanta or possibly Chicago, let me know! I'm on an epic hunt. I need one to finish my degree and I'd really like to finish my degree in the near future since I've been in school for ten billion years.

Happy Friday!

P.S. Check out the Passion For Fashion linkup at Rachel The Hat:

September 18, 2013

A B-52's Concert Shirt, Red Skirt, & Gold Loafers

Happy Wednesday everyone! Yep, this is another red and blue outfit. You could definitely say this is a favorite color combination of mine. This concert t-shirt is one of my favorites because of its bold primary colors and fun design. It looks particularly perfect with a red skirt. Of course my sparkly gold loafers had to make an appearance again. If you're going bold, you might as well go all out. At least that's usually how outfits work in my world. 

top: from a b-52's concert | skirt: thrifted | shoes: xhileration - target | bow: gift | sunglasses: kohl's | earrings: charming charlie

When I edited these pictures I realized my nails matched my shirt. Outfit win.

I've been trying to catch up with your blogs and commenting and all that good blog community stuff. I'm sorry I'm way behind! I kind of dedicated this week to getting my crap together for my epic spring internship search. Then I have ten thousand pounds of school work looming ahead of me. The piles of reading never end either. Needless to say, I'm pretty ready for grad school to be over. 
I'm also sorry about my complaints. This is my life right now though.

On the bright side there was a cool breeze and some clouds yesterday. It was a welcome break from the constant heat. I always feel much more joyful when the weather isn't melting me!

I hope you guys are having a happy week so far!

September 17, 2013

Tuesday Tunes: Vampire Weekend - Unbelievers

This song from Vampire Weekend's new album has been getting stuck in my head lately. It's incredibly catchy. I'm also really enjoying this live version of it. You gotta love the guy harmonizing the entire time - or is that just me? Also there's a trumpet in the song so it automatically goes up 10000 cool points.

Happy Tuesday!

September 16, 2013

Airplane Pin with a Denim Dress, Leopard Cardigan, & Keds

I guess I've really been loving wearing my little Keds lately because here's another outfit with a dress & Keds combo. They're really comfy for walking back and forth to campus. This white pair is from high school when I was in Grease. So they're pretty old...but that's okay!

It's like my vintage airplane pin was meant to be paired with this denim dress. They look so perfectly retro-tastic together. Maybe denim just goes with airplanes. I don't know, but this outfit wouldn't be nearly as good if I wasn't wearing my airplane pin. I can thank Jeanie for picking it out for me as I rushed out the door that morning. She was my accessorizer. 

Denim dress, leopard cardigan, Keds, Airplane Pin
dress, cardigan, hair bow: forever 21 | shoes: keds | socks: kmart | airplane pin: vintage from grandma

Vintage Airplane Pin
Denim Dress, Leopard Cardigan, Airplane Pin
White Keds & Blue Socks
Denim Chambray Dress & Leopard Print Cardigan
Airplane Brooch, Denim Dress, Leopard Print Cardigan, Keds

I hope you guys have a great start to your week. I stayed up pretty late getting my readings done for class, so I'll be tired. Oh well. It's a brand new week and I fully intend on making it a productive one. We'll see how that goal pans out once 6pm this evening hits.

Happy Monday!

September 15, 2013

August Favorites

Here are some of my favorite outfits from last month. This post is extremely photo heavy so click through to see the whole thing. There were just so many great outfits I had a hard time narrowing them down!
And as always, thanks for letting me showcase your wonderful outfits!

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