September 8, 2013

Blog Updates!

Happy Sunday everyone! I figured I'd put together a quick post about the updates to my blog. Everything's not entirely done yet - I still need to update my about page and a couple little things here and there - but as a whole it's presentable!

Here's what's different:

1. New Web Address - I finally purchased my domain! No longer am I a, but a regular .com. These are exciting times, my friends. Anyway, go ahead and update your bookmark link for this blog if you'd like. The old address will still forward to this new one though. If you follow through bloglovin' I had them update the address there too so all is well!

2. Ad Opportunities - I signed up for Adproval and now you can purchase or swap ads with me through my sponsorship page. I figured I'd be using it mostly for swaps right now. There are plenty of swap spots open so if we're good blog friends - or if we're new blog friends - I'm happy to swap! The swap ads are 150x150px in the right sidebar. I'll make whatever size you want from me. Woo!

3. New Layout - This is perhaps the most apparent change to the blog. Ooo isn't it nice? I hope. I spent days working on it because everything went wrong and I had to troubleshoot for hours on end. Eventually I got it all working how I wanted it. (My favorite thing is the bows that pop up when you hover over the sprite menu under my title banner.) 

So that's about it! Have a nice evening!

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