September 11, 2013

Khaki Shorts with Mixed Prints & Sparkly Loafers

This is how I wear khaki shorts. These used to be my shorts for my alternate marching band uniform but I can also wear them in real life! I was just staring into my closet and I got the magical idea to pair this top and leopard cardigan. The print mixing here is a little different, but the colors were somewhat similar so it worked in my mind. I thrifted this cardigan with the tags still on over the summer. It was kind of too hot to wear it, but oh well. I dealt with it.

Also sparkly loafers. Those ankle cushion things really do work to make shoes comfortable! I have so many pairs that rub the back of my ankle. Probably because they're all cheap. I got the Dr. Scholl's stick-on cushion things and I swear it was like silky magic. I could finally walk in these shoes without pain!

Leopard Cardigan, Khaki Shorts, Sparkly Loafers
cardigan: merona - thrifted | top: forever 21 | shorts: forever 21 | loafers: xhileration - target

Sparkly Gold Loafers

You get a jumpy picture today. Just so you can see how the clothes move. When jumping. Because that's what normal people do in their clothes.

Mixed Prints, Khaki Shorts, & Gold Sparkly Loafers

Well I'll be writing an essay the entire day/night/wee hours of the morning. Isn't that exciting? I'll be so happy when I don't have to write any more essays ever. 

Have a happy Wednesday!


Imogen said...

Both prints are so incredible and they look even better together. What a genius combination. Those gold flats are amazing, love them every time, they are my favourite shoes of yours.

Camilla said...

Just loved your loafers! So cute!


Alexandra Marie said...

Love those shorts and those adorable glitter loafers! Alex

Rachel said...

I might have to try those cushions for the back of the shoe--one of my feet is currently still healing from way-too-much walking in a shoe that was rubbing the back of my heel!

The Random Writings of Rachel

Ashley said...

Woman, leopard print is a neutral.of course these top go together! You are a freakin doll, by the way :) SO cute! And I think we may have the same hair color.

xo Ashley

chantilly said...

The print of that shirt looks amazing! You're completely adorable :))

Eccentric Owl said...

I love the pattern mixing! I think that shirt and cardigan go together really well. And those loafers! Ah, I need some sparkly shoes for the fall. So fun!
I hope your essay turned out well!

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