September 9, 2013

Neon Feather Print Shirt, A Leather Skater Skirt, & Edgy Accessories

Happy Monday everyone! PersunMall sent me this top and the jewelry this month! It was a fiasco dealing with the USPS getting the package though. Oh man. I'll spare you the fine details but I was in such a rage over the delivery people not doing their job. It almost killed the joy of getting a package it was that bad. I had to drive to the post office through a construction zone because they're too lazy to walk the package to my door after I rescheduled delivery after they did the same thing the first time. Really? Ugh. But anyway...

I really like the pretty neon colors in this feather print shirt. Plus it's a nice silky material and felt really light in this hot weather. I can imagine it'd pair with a lot of different bottoms and would look great with a brightly-colored cardigan. I thought my faux leather skirt was a fun pairing for it! The cool spiky earrings and skull bracelet are a little edgier than my usual jewelry - that's why I picked them. The bracelet was super small for my wrist though. I had to stretch it out a lot so be wary of that!

Feather Print Shirt, Leather Skater Skirt
shirt: c/o persunmall | bracelet & earrings: c/o persunmall | skirt: forever 21 | shoes: shoe carnival | bow: forever 21

Persunmall Skull Bracelet
Spiked Cone Earrings & Rook Piercing
Leather Skater Skirt and a Feather Shirt
Feather Print Shirt
Black Wedge Sandals
Feather Print Shirt, Black Leather Skater Skirt, Wedges

Jeanie came over and we were both wearing feather print shirts. Sometimes we have weird twin brain even though we're not twins. So I had to get a picture of both of us in our feather shirts. I'm sure you understand!

I hope you guys have a great start to your week!


Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

I love how colorful the top is! I also really hate going to the post office. It's usually a nightmare and no one who works there is pleasant....ugh. lol. By the way...I love your new layout! :)

Rachel said...

I like your slightly edgy accessories--I love contrasting edgy accessories with completely non-edgy clothes! :P Just to confuse people. Sorry about the annoying package thing--it's so nice when boxes can just come to our house with no problems!

Purple Ivy said...

I like the fun and playful vibe of the top. Your hair is gorgeous frm the colour to the bangs.


Ali Hval said...

Oh no, not delivery problems!! But I'm glad that in the end you prevailed and recieved your package. Phew. It was totally worth it, because that top is such a rad piece. I especially dig those folded over sleeves.

Alicia Mackin said...

Oooo I love that top, love the colors. Cute blog. Following via Bloglovin.

Ali of Dressing Ken

Becky Bedbug said...

Everything about this is gorgeous! Your top, your shoes, your rook piercing!


Imogen said...

This is one of the most incredible tops I have ever seen. The neon colours are stunning. I adore feather print, wish there was more of it around, in which case I'd be buying feather print all the time. Jeannie's top is beautiful too. That's too cute that you were both wearing feather print.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I love your wedges and your little mini skirt! It's fun to see you in a mixture of classic/nautical styles and now this new edgy look!

Xo, Hannah

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