September 7, 2013

Remix: Black & White Striped Shirt

Happy Saturday everyone! It's time for a remix post!

I bought this black and white striped shirt from Forever 21 a long while back. For a while it was the only striped shirt I owned so it got a lot of use. Plus it has a cute cutout in the back which gives a more unique twist on this classic staple piece. Here are a few ways I've worn this top. Apparently I like to wear it with black. Some of these outfits are from before I had a blog, so they're just super great. Enjoy!

(Post Here) & (Post Here)

(Post Here)

(Post Here)

(Post Here) & (Post Here)

(Post Here)

I hope you guys are having a nice weekend. I'm watching UGA football and procrastinating. Also I woke up with a sinus sickness of some sort so that's wonderful. Good times. 
(This post is dripping with sarcasm. I hope you don't mind!)

Happy Saturday!


Tieka, Selective Potential said...

So cute! I love these remixes - and I swear stripes are so versatile. I need to invest in a few more striped tops!


pretty :)

Tasha said...

cute outfits by just using stripped tee <3

Natasha Gregson said...

Oh, I don't mind. I love a bit of sarcasm :) Hope you feel better soon! I love this top so much, I'm actually after a similar one myself but forever 21 stores are sparse across the UK but I suppose there's always online! I love that you've included pictures over a span of time to show different ways you've styled it-such a great idea.

Ali Hval said...

Haha, I am the same way with black and white--if I make a black and white outfit, I tend to keep it that way. I really adore your outfits here, though, especially the one with those cute black wood clog shoes!

Ina R. said...

Oh yes, black and white stripes are the best! Love the different outfits you styled with it, such a versatile and cute piece! I especially love the mix of polkadots and stripes! <3

Valentina Duracinsky said...


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Callie - Coffee and Cardigans said...

My black and white striped shirts get endless use! I love how versatile they are. You really showed that in this post. All these looks are so adorable, but there's a great variety. You were able to dress the top up and down, which is great. Love the selection, Jamie!

Callie @

Ashley of Southern (California) Belle said...

Wow, I think you've done this shirt justice! I love all the looks you put together with this top.



Southern (California) Belle

P.S. I hope you feel better!

Elana said...

Loving the new blog design and all the ways you've worn this top! You always kill it!

Elana said...

Loving the new blog design and all the ways you've worn this top! You always kill it!

RuBee said...

Really cute outfits. I love how versatile stripes are. x

katie said...

Wow, congrats on being a .com now and on your new site redesigin! (I really like your header and the new layout, it's bold but it also all fits into my screen and looks really sharp.)

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