September 14, 2013

Some New Stuff!

Isn't getting new stuff great? Though for some reason new stuff it makes me wish I had time to thrift more often. Last time was over the summer in Illinois, but I got a lot of great things. I just love how inexpensive and unique thrifted clothes can be. Plus the whole sustainable aspect of it is great. But sometimes I just want to get new clothes. Especially for trendy things. Like this neon feather print shirt and the black skirt with mesh trim. 

neon feather print shirt: c/o persunmall

polka dot crop top & black skater skirt with mesh trim: forever 21

skull bracelet & spiked stud earrings: c/o persunmall

I really need to get some stuff done today. Like search for an internship for next spring. I really can't put it off any longer. I've been feeling pretty pessimistic about my career prospects once I get out of graduate school. The longer I'm in school the more I wish I'd had gone into a science track. I'm even worried I won't find an internship (which is required to get my degree and has to be with a "professional media company") since the job market is so crappy. Life struggles, you guys.

But anyway, are you guys having a good weekend so far? 



great stuff :)
like the pocket dolls top :)

enter the giveaway! :)

aprileveryday said...

I love getting new stuff! I find that it actually inspires me a bit with my older clothes too for some strange reason haha!

Good luck with finding an internship! I'm sure you'll do absolutely fine! :)

Ali Hval said...

I feel like the closer we get to finishing school the more and more we're going to worry about getting a job or wishing we picked a different major... but whatever you go into, I believe that you do so for a reason!

These are such fun new goodies you got. I love that silver skull bracelet especially!

Missy said...

GAH-- I am so happy I found a blog catering to us shorties! Being 5'1" I feel like I see all of the model-esqu bloggers and I love their looks but a lot of them I can't rock. Glad to find your blog for new ideas =)

xx Missy

Imogen said...

Yes! Getting new stuff is the best. I adore the feather top it is so perfect. I totally understand about the current job market. The only advice I can give you is to start early. Looking back, that's one thing I did wrong.

Midwest Muse said...

That bracelet is AWESOME. And girl, you're talented and intelligent, you will get an internship! Those are easier you know since they don't have to pay you :) But yes, the longer I'm in school, the more I realize...I should've picked something else. Oh, college.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I love your new goodies. The bracelet is amaaaazing!

Xo, Hannah

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