September 19, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone!

41 Reasons why pugs are the most majestic creatures on earth:

21 under appreciated Disney songs. (This one is definitely a favorite!):


I want this Creme de Couture eye shadow palette by Sigma. The colors are so pretty!

This Tumblr with cartoon gifs was extremely fun to look at.


Rachel said...

Oh man, I really can't wait to see Sherlock now!!

October Rebel said...

That Disney song list is a lot of fun. :-) I think everything about Pete's Dragon is a little unrated. Cute movie.

Not a song, but (and since you mentioned Sherlock) I think The Great Mouse Detective's soundtrack is also underrated. :-D

Laura Go said...

Dude, as soon as I saw the Sherlock pics I started rewatching the other seasons ;) LOVE and cannot wait to see Season 3!!!!!!!!!

Imogen said...

awww the sweet pug wrapped up in the blanket is beyond adorable!

Eccentric Owl said...

Sherlock!!! Oh, I cannot wait!!

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