September 2, 2013

Vintage Blue Oyster Cult T-shirt and a Pleated Plaid Skirt

This Blue Oyster Cult shirt is one of my favorite t-shirts. (Dad's old concert t-shirts are some of the best I own.) It's way cooler than I am so when I put it on it instantly increases my cool factor. Especially when paired with a plaid skirt that may or may not have been a child's school uniform. Am I right, or am I right?

I try to limit the frequency that I wear my vintage t-shirts because I don't want them to get over-washed and threadbare. They have to live forever! Yeah I know that won't happen, but this one is in good shape so I expect it to be around for a couple more decades.

Anyway, this outfit is about as cool as it gets for me. I liked it a lot!
Blue Oyster Cult T-shirt, Plaid Pleated Skirt, Silver Sandals
t-shirt: vintage from Dad | plaid skirt: thrifted | shoes: solanze - shoe carnival | stud earrings, silver ring, hair bow: forever 21 | blue stone ring: old from the great grandma collection
Vintage Blue Oyster Cult Shirt
Vintage 70s T-shirt with a Plaid Skirt
I had a messy messy bouffant that day...Oh well! I threw a bow on it, so it was okay. That's how it works.
70's Blue Oyster Cult Shirt Back
Blue Oyster Cult Vintage 70s Shirt and Plaid Skirt
Vintage 70s Blue Oyster Cult Tshirt
Vintage 70s t-shirt and a plaid skirt

And finally a jumpy picture to send you off in a good mood on this fine Labor Day!
Band T-shirt, Plaid Pleated Skirt, Silver Sandals

I hope you guys have a great Monday/Labor Day. I'm currently working on revamping this blog so you may see some changes soon! I've been frustratingly messing around with it (on a tester page, of course) all weekend. Which means I got no school work done over the weekend. Now I have to labor on Labor Day.

Happy Monday!


Claudina said...

Your outfit is really cool!

Becky Bedbug said...

I love the jumping photo! Your rook piercing is cute!


Ester DurĂ£es said...

oh my that skirt is the prettiest thing ever! I love the print and the colours :)
also, you have the coolest hairstyle in these pictures, so amazing!
Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

Marie McGrath said...

Your vintage tee looks fantastic paired with that plaid skirt. LOVE this look from head to toe!

Ina R. said...

Cool, love it! You really rock the shirt! Fab skirt and sandals too! And cute smile as usual ;) The last photo is adorable!

Imogen said...

I love your skirt so much. I have been looking for a similar one for ages but without any luck. I adore your hairstyle. The new layout on your blog looks fantastic too.

Frannie Pantz said...

You are right! This is a really fun look. I love your tee. That band always makes me think of that Will Ferrel skit from SNL. LOL

Rachel Sullivan said...

Too cool!


Ali Hval said...

Oh, sweet! I love that T-shirt. I know what you mean by not wanting to overwear things (even as awesome as they are) because then that means (eek) they mihgt fall apart faster! Though I'm glad your shirt is in pretty decent condition. It looks sweet with your plaid skirt!

Rachel said...

I love your slightly-odd sense of style (and believe me, 'odd' is my version of a complimentary word). Who would want to dress 'normal'?

Dorothy Newhouse said...

The shirt looks great but let me tell you that I love your skirt even more! Very nice! :)


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