October 31, 2013

A Wearable Halloween Outfit: Evil Cat Dress & Rust Orange Tights

Happy Halloween! This outfit is actually what I'm wearing right this minute. Later I'll be in my 80s aerobics instructor costume, but for now I'm wearing a slightly Halloween-themed outfit. I can't help but be a bit literal with my holiday outfits. My Halloween outfits always have festive earrings and Halloween colors, so that's what's going on here. I wore this evil cat print dress layered over a sheer black blouse and added my rust orange tights to complete the Halloween color scheme. My earrings are little candy corns too! This outfit could easily be worn on a regular fall day though. I'd just swap out my festive earrings for another pair!

Wearable Halloween Outfit: Cat Print Dress, Orange Tights
dress: modcloth | blouse: nicole - thrifted | tights: forever 21 | shoes: forever 21 | earrings: claire's (gift)

Rust Orange Patterned Tights
Candy Corn Earrings & Rook Piercing
Backless Cat Print Dress and a Black Blouse
Evil Cat Print Dress
Cat Print Modcloth Dress over a Black Blouse
Cat print dress, orange patterned tights

I hope you guys have a really fun Halloween whether you're out partying or inside watching festive movies. I plan on doing both of those things and possibly stuffing my face with candy too. You never know! 

If you'd like to see more Halloween-themed posts check out these posts from my blog archive:

*Gaze upon my many Halloween costumes of the past. (It's one of my favorite posts ever!)
*My Halloween outfit from 2011 (where I just realized I'm wearing the same tights, blouse, and earrings...oh dear.)
*Another wearable Halloween-colored outfit with a leather pencil skirt and these rust orange tights.

Happy Halloween!

Things I Love Thursday: Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween! Here are some spooky links to get your Halloween started!

This trailer for Hell No: The Sensible Horror Film. I wish it was a real movie.

These Nightmare Before Christmas nails by Hey Nice Nails!:

This Blanky costume:

xSparkage's Ursula Halloween tutorial is such a fun take on the Disney villain:

The Time Warp. For you people who won't be watching the movie tonight, you at least need to listen to the Time Warp!

The Addams Family movies are my favorite:

These 20 facts about the making of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Stop motion animation is so amazing!

Pumpkin Pecan Biscotti? Yes please! Apple Cinnamon Baked Donuts? Nom.

Crest gave a bunch of kids candy that tasted like various vegetables. Their reactions are wonderful.

Happy Halloween everyone! Have a great one!

October 30, 2013

A Jeanie Outfit: Mustard Oasap Dress, Purple Tights, & Fringe Boots

I ordered this retro mustard dress with some credit from Oasap but it didn't fit me! Luckily it was a perfect fit on Jeanie so I gave it to her and she's modeling it in this post. She paired it with a pair of purple tights and some cute wedge boots with fringe detailing. I think this is a perfect dress for fall because it's one of those distinctly autumnal colors. Mustard can pair with so many different colors too! This dress is also a pretty heavy material for the price so it should be plenty warm for a mild Georgia winter.

dress: c/o oasap | tights: target? | belt: thrifted | boots: modcloth

Do you guys have anything fun planned for Halloween tomorrow? I'll be dressing up and heading downtown after my annual Halloween movie marathon! I'm pretty pumped. Halloween is my favorite holiday after all. 

Happy Wednesday!

October 29, 2013

Tuesday Tunes: Oogie Boogie's Song - The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of the movies I have to watch right around Halloween (and probably a couple times between then and Christmas too). I just love all of the songs and the amazingly cool animation and style of the film. The bad guy song is always one of my favorites in all animated movies, so here's Oogie Boogie's Song on this Tuesday before Halloween.

October 28, 2013

Cartoon Print Top, Jean Jacket, & a Black A-Line Skirt

It's already Monday again! This weekend flew by and now it's time for another week of school work. That's okay though because the weekend was good and last week had definite high points (such as Neutral Milk Hotel). Plus I now have the Allegiant book in my possession so I'm looking forward to reading that asap.

But enough talk of life and on to the outfit! I wore this to the Aaron Carter concert right before my birthday. I ditched the hat for the actual concert in order to not lose it or bother people's line-of-sight. Though thinking about me blocking people's view is kind of hilarious because I'm not even 5 feet tall. Anyway, I decided my "pow" top needed to be worn again and paired it with my thrifted jean jacket and black skater skirt. It was a fun outfit but also comfy which is a winning outfit duo.

Jean Jacket, Comic Print Top, Skater Skirt
top: papaya | jean jacket: so... - thrifted (originally from kohl's) | skirt: forever 21 | wedges: y not? - shoe carnival | hat: h&m | earrings: charming charlie

Black Hat, Red Hair, Denim Jacket
Denim Jacket, Black Skater Skirt with Mesh Detail
Lightning Bolt Earrings & Rook Piercing

Pow!! Tank Top with a Jean Jacket

I hope you guys have a nice start to your week!

October 27, 2013

Remix: Little Black Sleeveless Dress

I know, I know. If you've been reading my blog for a long time you'll know this dress was featured in my first remix post. Since that was years ago there have been quite a few more outfits wearing this dress so I'm featuring it in a new and improved remix post! 

Since Halloween is right around the corner, it's super appropriate to first share my Halloween outfit from 2011 featuring this dress.

I've had this dress for quite a while. This post has also taught me that I really love to wear blouses layered underneath this dress. The formula isn't super varied, but at least this remix shows that there are a lot of different color combinations you can wear with a simple black dress like this. It can also be styled for all seasons!

I hope you guys are having a great weekend!

October 25, 2013

Leopard Crop Top, Leather Skater Skirt, & a Green Cardigan

Sometimes I wear leopard print crop tops. Sometimes I wear them with faux leather skirts. I like it!

top: papaya | skirt: forever 21 | cardigan: h&m | sandals: solanze - shoe carnival | earrings: charming charlie

I don't have a whole lot to say other than that Neutral Milk Hotel was super awesome last night. Seriously. It was epic and I'm so glad I was able to go. 

Do you guys have anything fun planned for this weekend?

October 23, 2013

Cobalt Blue Sweater Over a 70s-Colored Chevron Dress

Happy Wednesday everyone! 
Even though this dress isn't a 70s style, the colors are really 70s-tastic with the avocado green and gold going on. Those colors just seem really autumnal to me. I threw a thin cropped sweater over this dress for ultimate comfort and to make it more fall appropriate since the dress has an open back. I really like the way the cobalt blue plays off the colors in this dress too. This is definitely one of those outfits that required very little thought in the morning when I was running late for class. P.S. Sorry my brown flats are a little ratty now. They've served me well for a few years...Clearly.

dress: modcloth | sweater: forever 21 | flats: xhileration - target | headband: forever 21

I plan on taking a small break from researching today so I'm pretty excited about that. I'm also incredibly pumped about the recent news that I'm going to see Neutral Milk Hotel tomorrow night! A classmate miraculously had an extra ticket. I seriously didn't think I'd be able to go. I'd given up after all the tickets were snatched up online instantly and then put on craigslist for $200+. Who would've guessed my luck? Jeanie was able to find a ticket on eBay for under $100 so we're both going now! It's a music miracle!
So. Pumped!

Anyway, I hope you guys are having a good week so far!

October 22, 2013

September Favorites

The title of this post should just be Everyone Is Cute, but I guess I should keep with the theme of monthly favorites. Don't forget to click through to see the other half of this post! (There are just too many cute outfits to load quickly enough on the main page. You know how it is.)

October 21, 2013

Spider-man Shirt, Super Hero Bow, & Polka Dot Shorts

Happy Monday everyone! Here's an outfit I wore a couple weeks ago. Sometimes you just have to wear a Spider-man shirt. Or is that just me? I got this one in the boys' section of Target back in high school and it still gets worn pretty frequently. This time I paired it with some polka dot shorts and a superhero hair bow my cousin bought me for Christmas. The temptation to be matchy when I have a superhero bow and superhero shirt is too strong to resist. 

t-shirt: target | shorts: forever 21 | sandals: boohoo | bow: gift

Look at me. I'm so strong and pale.

Did you guys have a good weekend? I did some school work and went to a beer festival at Terrapin Brewery. I wish the weekend was longer though!

October 19, 2013

A Jeanie Outfit: Purple Dress & Brown Lace-Up Boots

It's time for another Jeanie outfit! A blog friend sent over some cute dresses she was getting rid of and this was one that fit Jeanie way better than it fit me. She's more endowed than I am, so this dress fit like it was made for her. Plus the color is really pretty on her. I like how she styled it with these thrifted lace-up boots too. It was a simple, cute outfit for class.

dress: forever 21 hand-me-down | boots: thrifted

Have a happy weekend everyone!

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