October 14, 2013

A Girly Pink Pencil Skirt, Sparkly Sunglasses, Polka Dot Bustier, & Floral Shoes Outfit

Today is my 23rd birthday! I wore this outfit last week but it's definitely a recent favorite and I like how the pictures turned out so it'll be my outfit post for today. Jeanie took these pictures for me after class the other day so hooray for some different scenery!

Anyway, this outfit was kind of inspired by Barbie. Pink sparkly sunglasses and a pink skirt with a polka dot bustier combines for ultimate girly-ness. Pink and sparkles automatically equals Barbie in my mind. Maybe I'm 90s Barbie with my jean jacket? The specifics don't matter because this was just a fun outfit and especially appropriate to post on the blog on my birthday.

jean jacket: so... - thrifted | bustier top: forever 21 | skirt: thrifted | shoes: not rated - delia's | necklace: made by my aunt | sunglasses: dollar store | gracie camera bag purse - jo totes

Unfortunately I have class today even though it's Columbus Day and my birthday. I'm going out to dinner tonight though. I haven't figured out where yet, but I'm sure it'll be ultra tasty. I'm pretty sure this birthday will be a calm one and that's a-okay with me. Last year's celebration was kind of a catastrophe so pushing that farther in the past is a good thing. 

It feels really weird to be 23 though. I'm getting old. I'm just hoping this year of my life will be better than 22 was because 22 sucked. Feeling like 22 felt like constant graduate work and no friends and a few other sad events. I did have fun with my wardrobe though, so I guess that's a good thing! 

But anyway. I hope you guys have a great day! I will be having the best day possible because it's my birthday!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hopefully the entire next year will be awesome :)
Also you simply look too cute in that outfit! I'll take a Barbie-inspired look any day.

- Rose

JennaStevie said...

Happy Birthday pretty lady!! I hope you have a wonderful day :D And an amazing year
I love this barbie esque look! That polka dot top is so wonderful.

Becky Bedbug said...


I love those glasses!


Eccentric Owl said...

AH! Happy, happy birthday Jamie!!! I hope you're having a fantastic day even though you DID have to go to school. Hehe, and you just wait till you get married and start having kids, THEN you'll be like "Whoa, I grew up, when did that happen? I'm old."
Well, I don't actually feel old, but sometimes it's just weird.
I think this outfit is so adorable, and I totally get the Barbie thing! I have some almost pastel pink lipstick that is very Barbie to me, in the best way possible. Pink and sparkles is definitely Barbie.

Laura Whitman said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope that you had a really great day to celebrate you! I had class today too, unfortunately.

You look so lovely - I really love these shoes, they are just so cute! And that skirt is just a dream on you!


Emily Baker said...

i remember when i turn 23 i felt a little weird. and then i turned 25 and i feel like my world is over hahaha. anyways, i LOVE your little heels!! they're so cute!!

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

happy birthday dear! i love those little shoes you are wearing here! my life will probably be similar to yours when i'm 23, graduate school and no free time! at least you look wonderful while doing so :)

lindsey louise


Catie Beatty said...

I just love how jean jackets can take a perfectly good outfit and make it that much cooler! This look is completely fantastic :D I love the bright pink

Anonymous said...

You look so girlie and cute!

Xo, Hannah


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