October 19, 2013

A Jeanie Outfit: Purple Dress & Brown Lace-Up Boots

It's time for another Jeanie outfit! A blog friend sent over some cute dresses she was getting rid of and this was one that fit Jeanie way better than it fit me. She's more endowed than I am, so this dress fit like it was made for her. Plus the color is really pretty on her. I like how she styled it with these thrifted lace-up boots too. It was a simple, cute outfit for class.

dress: forever 21 hand-me-down | boots: thrifted

Have a happy weekend everyone!


All you need is Fashion by Arianna Isabella D'Onofrio said...

I love your dress, the colour of it suites you perfectly :)

All you need is Fashion
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JennaStevie said...

This dress looks great on her!! Such a pretty colour, and I love the lace up booties with it

Eccentric Owl said...

Jeanie is so pretty! I love that color on her, too, and it just fits her perfectly! It's so fun that you feature your sister's style as well as your own; you are both SO adorable. I love seeing the similarities and differences between the two of you.
Have a good weekend!

Ana Castilho said...

loving dress :)

Laura Whitman said...

that dress looks so adorable on Jeanie! I really love that color on her!


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