October 28, 2013

Cartoon Print Top, Jean Jacket, & a Black A-Line Skirt

It's already Monday again! This weekend flew by and now it's time for another week of school work. That's okay though because the weekend was good and last week had definite high points (such as Neutral Milk Hotel). Plus I now have the Allegiant book in my possession so I'm looking forward to reading that asap.

But enough talk of life and on to the outfit! I wore this to the Aaron Carter concert right before my birthday. I ditched the hat for the actual concert in order to not lose it or bother people's line-of-sight. Though thinking about me blocking people's view is kind of hilarious because I'm not even 5 feet tall. Anyway, I decided my "pow" top needed to be worn again and paired it with my thrifted jean jacket and black skater skirt. It was a fun outfit but also comfy which is a winning outfit duo.

Jean Jacket, Comic Print Top, Skater Skirt
top: papaya | jean jacket: so... - thrifted (originally from kohl's) | skirt: forever 21 | wedges: y not? - shoe carnival | hat: h&m | earrings: charming charlie

Black Hat, Red Hair, Denim Jacket
Denim Jacket, Black Skater Skirt with Mesh Detail
Lightning Bolt Earrings & Rook Piercing

Pow!! Tank Top with a Jean Jacket

I hope you guys have a nice start to your week!


Anonymous said...

I really love your blog, Jamie!
You look great, I especially love that shirt. I'm a big fan of Comic books, but for some reason I always look really silly, when I try to incorporate cartoon-themed clothes; will definitely try to style it with a denim jacket in the future, 'cause that looks fab! Also, you might be on the short side, but you are still taller than me, so if I had been standing somewhere behind you, I would definitely have appreciated you taking off your hat :) (As a little aside; in Copenhagen pretty much every single woman style their hair in a bun on top of their heads - the taller, the better! And Scandinavian girls are in general pretty tall, so as a very short girl with a pixie cut, this makes me feel even tinier (that is a word, right?). Also, they don't even change their hairstyle, when they go to the movies - those days I HATE fashion :) ).

- Rose

Frannie Pantz said...

Really love this cute look! The tee is so cute and I love the mesh in the skirt!

Sonya Mann said...

"pow" shirt + lightning zap earrings = win

Anonymous said...

Your top is so fun and this skirt is super hot!

Xo, Hannah


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