October 9, 2013

High Waisted ASOS Petite Pants with a Cat Print Blouse

Happy Wednesday everyone!
ASOS kindly gave me a $20 voucher so I could review an item from their petite line. I'm always excited when shops cater to short people like me! Since it's difficult to find pants that fit correctly, I decided to try out a pair of high-waisted black twill pants. I was happy with the overall shape of the pants and how they actually narrow at the correct place on the leg. Sometimes the calf part of pants starts way too low on my leg, but not these. The inseam was great too. I can wear these either cuffed with flats or un-cuffed with heels.

However, I definitely should have ordered a size down. I ordered based on their size chart (and they felt tight enough with a belt when I tried them on) but over the course of the day they stretched out quite a bit. I really feel like a smaller size would fit me better. These are made from stretch cotton, so I should have figured the stretching out would happen. I'll know to be careful of that next time! I already have no butt so when pants stretch out it makes my butt look board flat. It's an issue.

I'll definitely be buying more pants from ASOS in the future though. They have so many pairs that would be perfect for a work environment, so I'll need those someday soon. I'll just size down! A great thing about ASOS is that you can return your purchases for free. (I'd already taken off the tags and worn these pants before I realized they were a little too big though!)

ASOS Petite Black Pants & a Cat Print Shirt
pants: asos petite - partially c/o asos | top: forever 21 | shoes: x-appeal - rack room shoes | bow: forever 21 | ring: great grandma collection | belt: thrifted

Burgundy Cat Print Shirt with Lace
Studded Loafers with Black Pants

You guys, I knew this shirt was sheer but I didn't realize how see-through it is when I'm in actual daylight. I guess my apartment is too dark to properly judge the opacity of my clothing. Sheer shirts are still in though, right? Oops. At least my bra isn't ratty...

Maroon Cat Print Blouse with black high waisted pants

Here's the butt of my pants because that's an important part of pants. I wish the pockets were lower and I also wish my butt had more substance. Those would both help. The pants are still cool though!

Black High Waist Pants and a Cat Print Blouse
Round Black Ring, Cat Print Top

I make this face at Jeanie a lot.
ASOS Petite Trousers, Maroon Cat Print Top, Studded Loafers

I hope you guys are having a good week so far. I'm recovering from a weekend of studying still (and a couple weeks of nonstop school stuff before that). It's not over though. I'll be back to work today - trying to find an internship, researching, and writing. 

In more exciting news, the Aaron Carter concert is tomorrow and I'll be out having fun Thursday night! Fun is a rarity lately. Maybe this is kicking off a much better year of my life? I hope 23 is more fun than 22 was.

Anyway, have a great middle of your week!


Nikki said...

I'm not petite, so I can't really judge on that but these pants look lovely on you. I do hate it when pants stretch out to much though, because I have little curves and when jeans stretch they get all sack-y on me. Not a good look, haha!

It also helps me to know I'm not the only one being stuck behind a desk all day. I have tons of papers to read and just got my first assignments too. So much to do, so little time!! Good luck with your school work :-) xo

Rachel said...

I have the hardest time finding jeans that fit and that actually stay fitting and not get stretched out by the end of the day. Actually, I'm wearing a great-fitting pair of jeans now, but they are bootcut and I want skinny ones that fit! (Complainer complainer!)
Cute blouse!

Ashley said...

A petite line from Asos? Sounds like heaven. I'm little too and need a really short inseam and these sound great! I'll have to remember to buy a size down though.

xo Ashley

Camilla said...

Lovely cat shirt! <3


Harlow Darling said...

Your cat blouse is ADORABLE! I can't help gravitating towards blouses with animals on them, they are too much to resist :3

Ali Hval said...

I love your expressions in your pictures. YOU ARE ALWAYS SO CUTE SMILING! I wish to have super happy pictures like you one day. One day I'll stop being camera shy. :)

Gosh, that blouse is adorable. And I love it with them fancy pants! Looks like you're about to go jousting. ;)

Manon Margaretha said...

You look so lovely!
I adore your blouse!

katie said...

Heh, I've had that sheer thing happen to me as well, florescent light just doesn't pick up on that sort of stuff. It looks intentional on you though, I love the sheerness with the high-waisted trousers and I'm not normally a fan of the sheer trend. Petite pants are wonderful, even if I cuff or hem regular length pants the knees are always on my shins and makes the whole pant fit off. :P

Anonymous said...

I am loving high-waisted trousers right now. They look so good on you!

Xo, Hannah


Ester DurĂ£es said...

aww I have to say this is one of my favourite outfits of yours! it may be simple but it looks amazing on you! :)
those high-waisted pants look great and seem to fit you so well (I wouldn't say the opposite until I read what you wrote about the size!) and that blouse is the cutest thing ever, love the print!
Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

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