October 3, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! Now that it's October, you can be assured there will be plenty of Halloween-related things on my Thursday posts. This is the best month of all, after all!

21 reasons why Hocus Pocus is the best and most important part of Halloween:

These obscure facts you may not know about The Little Mermaid:
(photo via rosagcastro/Tumblr)

How The Powerpuff Girls could have replaced your gender studies class:

This dog that actually looks like Snoop Dog
(via reddit)

Bryan Cranston reading an erotic letter he received from a fan. I promise you will love this.

These reasons why life in space sucks really makes me not want to go to space. Unless, of course, we can have artificial gravity. Then I'm all over that.

Speaking of space. NASA is developing space farming starting with lettuce. Real space food!


Ashley said...

The letter that Brian Cranston read was freaking HILARIOUS. Do you think it was a man or woman? ;)

xo Ashley

Midwest Muse said...

That video of Bryan is amazing. Actually that whole episode melts my heart. I love that man.

wardrobeexperience said...

hAHAHA, that video with bryan is so great! thanks for sharing.

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