October 1, 2013

Tuesday Tunes: Wilco - Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway (Again)

I would be exaggerating if I said this past week has been trying. I steadily worked on reading many academic articles, doing a take-home midterm paper-majig, researching for another paper, writing said paper, writing another paper, and constructing a presentation. I really don't even have time to be updating right now, but who needs sleep anyway? 

Matt got me out for a 1 mile run on Sunday (which is all I can do because I almost died,) and this song came on the radio right after some delightful David Bowie. I just love 93XRT out of Chicago. They play the greatest mix of things and I can stream it on my phone. I, of course, immediately remembered how much I love this song. It's kind of a perfect song for running. It's even better tonight as I finish up the last of a presentation and look back on how much work I did the past few days. Unfortunately the end is not quite in sight yet. Until then, I have great tunes to cheer me on.

A great live version of this song is above, but I always like to leave you guys with a recorded version as well if you enjoy those more.

Happy Tuesday!


Jenny said...

Life is busy for me too! Hopefully it gets better hon!
Followed you on gfc, follow me back?
I'm having a giveaway check it out if you are interested :)

xoxo Jenny

Mitha Komala said...

you can do it dear! anyways love the songs<3

Letters To Juliet

Amanda said...

oh men school is crazy for me too... but hang in there dear =)

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