November 24, 2013

Present Picks: Eye Shadow Palettes For A Makeup Junkie

Since it's just about holiday time I figured I'd gather some present ideas for you guys in a series I'm going to call "Present Picks" (because I'm super sick of hearing the phrase "gift guide"). These are a few ideas if the person you're buying for is really into makeup - particularly makeup of the eye variety. Or you may just decide you want to buy these for yourself. (I don't judge). I own 3 of these already, so I can personally recommend them to you and your makeup-inclined friends. 

(pictured left to right, up to down)

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette ($52) - This brand new palette is sold out at the moment but these rose-colored neutral eye shadows are so pretty. These pink-y shades would compliment blue or green eyes really well. 
(I already have Naked 1 and 2 but I'd love to have this one too. See some swatches of the shades here!)

Tarte Gorgeous Getaways Portable Palette Set ($48 only at Ulta) - This set is such a neat idea and a great value! It has four removable eye shadow quads that you can pop into an adorable bow-shaped portable palette. Each quad has a coordinated full sized blush and there are 3 full sized Maracuja lipglosses included too.
(I've heard really great things about this palette. The swatches are super pretty too.)

Too Faced Pretty Rebel Eyeshadow Palette ($46) - I've heard nothing but good things about this little palette. It has useful neutrals and bold, unique shades so you can come up with a variety of looks. I'm particularly intrigued by the duo-chrome color "girly".
(See swatches here!)

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol IV Redux ($32) - This set is an amazing value despite the cumbersome packaging. If you're new to Urban Decay or know someone who is, think about gifting this set. It has 5 shadows that are in the Naked palette plus some colorful shades to mix things up. The extras make this well worth $32. It comes with a full sized 24/7 liquid liner, primer potion, and mascara. 
(I have it and the eye shadows are super pigmented and easy to work with, as can be expected from Urban Decay. The packaging is incredibly bulky though.)

Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette ($59) - This is a limited edition palette filled with brand new, gorgeous, pigmented shadows. There are so many looks you could make with this palette from daytime neutral to colorful smoky eye looks. It has a giant mirror and a two-sided brush too.
(It's wonderful. I know because I bought it for myself for my birthday. I'm going to put the silver shade all over my eyes for holiday times! Or maybe just all over my face/body because it's SO SPARKLY!)

Lorac Rockin' Red Hot PRO Set ($39 only at Ulta) - The Lorac PRO palette is an extremely useful mix of 8 shimmer and 8 matte neutral (or nearly neutral) eye shadows. Considering it's usually $42 and you get a liquid liner with this, this is a good deal. The shadows in this palette would work for anybody, any age.
(I have this palette. The colors are wonderful everyday shades and are nice to have on hand to use with brighter colors you may have.The shadows are very soft and pigmented.)


Midwest Muse said...

I need palette 3!!!

Sonya Mann said...

Noooo now I want to spend money >.< I like the phrase "Present Picks"--mixin' things up :)

angelaremondi said...

Oooooh pretty! Thanks for the reviews! Now I need to go buy myself some eye shadow :)


Imogen said...

This is a great idea and yes, the name is much better than gift guide! I so want everything here, beautiful. Looking forward to seeing what else you come up with.

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