November 14, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday! Here are some things from the internet to intrigue and/or delight you.

This tasty-sounding horchata recipe by A Beautiful Mess:

This super pretty blue/gray eye shadow look by Maya Debska:

Egg Corns. When someone uses a word/phrase but has never seen it written down and therefore pronounces it incorrectly.

These famous people you didn't know were band geeks. (Samuel L. Jackson, Steven Tyler, Emeril Lagasse, & Richard Gere played the trumpet.) Go band geeks!

These tiny dinosaur models. I might need these. Or I might need to buy Jeanie one for Christmas.

An interesting article on the problem of labeling women as "crazy"


Sam said...

Thats red dress is divine, so ladylike and I like the bold eye shadow idea, looks terrific!

Lake Lashona said...

Lovely blog!

Please visit my blog,, and tell me what you like and what I could fix.

Thanks! :)

Imogen said...

oh wow that red dress. no words to describe how much I want it! Perfect. Love the eye makeup too.

Sonya Mann said...

I am now into all of these things as well!

Anonymous said...

This red dress is amazing!

Xo, Hannah

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