December 4, 2013

Literal Leopard Print Shirt & Corduroy Shorts

Happy Wednesday everyone! Here's an outfit I actually wore yesterday! I'm glad there are pictures of it because it's been gloomy and rainy for days.

I used credits for PersunMall to get this literal leopard blouse because the print is just so cute. Unfortunately the shoulders are too narrow for me so the fit is off and not incredibly comfortable. I'll just try to make it work. This shirt has so many possibilities with its neutral colors and classic shape, it'd be a shame to not get some use out of it. This time I paired it with my brown corduroy shorts from Forever 21, faux over-the-knee sock tights from Boohoo, and my super cool witchy ankle boots.

top: c/o persunmall | shorts: forever 21 | tights: boohoo | shoes: boohoo 

I'm kind of in love with this new nail polish color. It's O.P.I. Visions of Love from their new holiday collection. Jeanie actually has it on right now too. P.S. I'm also wearing OCC Lip Tar in Black Dahlia with Pris in the middle in case you were intrigued.

I'm sorry about the blatantly apparent wrinkly nature of my shirt. I promise it didn't look this wrinkled in real life (or from afar).

My hair is a little shorter now if you didn't notice right away (and back to a darker red). Its more noticeably shorter in the back and it just feel so much better to have it at this length. I'm thinking it might be a good idea to cut a couple more inches off. We'll see! My hair grows really fast so it doesn't matter that much when I have some inches cut off. 

How have you guys been? Did you buy any good stuff for Black Friday or Cyber Monday? I ended up buying too many things but I'm nearly done with my Christmas shopping now. I may have also bought some stuff for myself during e.l.f.'s 50% off sale....and during almost all of my other purchases. It's hard to not put something for myself in the cart when things are so cheap! Oops.

Have a great middle of your week! (Or just survive this week. Sometimes that's all you can do if you're in the middle of finals.)


Ester Durães said...

this has to be one of your prettiest outfits ever! :) that leopard print blouse just adds such a pop of colour and it's so interesting in this look! love it :)
Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

Jorge Barceló said...

Amazing look!


Ali Hval said...

Ah man, it's the worst when you find smoething cute online and then it fits weird. Shoulders are problem spots for me, too. We're so burly (sighs)

I love dem knee-high tights, though. Funky!

JennaStevie said...

I love the mustard and orange shades in this look! That blouse is quite fun, what a great print, it looks awesome with these shorts. And over the knee socks are the bomb

gabrielle said...

totally obsessed with this whole outfit! you inspired me to get my shorts out of the closet and pair them with some fun tights. those boots are SO cute, too.


Hannah said...

Oh this outfit is so cool!
I'm in love with your shirt!

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

I went on a present-buying RAMPAGE over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. I got about half of my shopping done. I spent a lot of money, but it was good since there were so many deals. I may have gotten some things for myself as well...

I love that blouse and this whole look in general! Also, I really like OCC's lip tar. My friend let me borrow it for a pinup shoot I did. It was a great color! The color was called Vintage.

Sonya Mann said...

I really like the matchy-matchy-nesss of this, with the pumpkin-and-black outfit and matching hair & nails :)

Eccentric Owl said...

I think this is one of my favorite outfits you've ever worn! The colors are SO fantastic, and that top is so cute! It's too bad the shoulders don't fit right. I hate it when cute clothes are a little off. But at least you can still make it work!
I love the darker red of your hair and the length, too!

Rachel Sullivan said...

This is definitely one of my favorite outfits of yours! the colors, the shorts, the tights! <3


lisa said...

Very cute- I love shorts layered up for winter! Those are awesome boots!

lisa said...

Very cute- I love shorts layered up for winter! Those are awesome boots!

Kitsune-kun said...

I love the color and texture of those shorts:)

~K said...

That shirt is so amazing!

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