December 10, 2013

Present Picks: 90s Childhood Nostalgia

Hello everyone! Here's another Present Picks I put together filled with plenty of 90s childhood nostalgia. Any of these things would make a great gift, even outside of the holidays. I can see a lot of these being wonderful birthday presents too. I hope these give you guys some ideas for gifts in the future or introduce you to some new shops.

A Gameboy Flask is a boozetacular way to celebrate the 90s. | I know I could use a handmade Little Mermaid Skirt. | Or maybe a Powerpuff Girls Cameo Necklace? | Perhaps these Pokemon Headphones are just what you need. | I would love to have some Sailor Moon printed shoes. | These scented Lisa Frank pencils are sure to remind many people of elementary school. | An awesomely large Power Rangers Necklace would be a mighty gift. | I know a lot of people who would love a Legends of the Hidden Temple team t-shirt. | This Lego Alarm Clock will wake you up in a nostalgic fashion.


Nikki said...

Pokémon oooooh yesss! I had a pokedex even as a kid and we used to trade the cards on the playground too. I also watched the PowerPuff Girls on Cartoon Network, but I was already 10 when that channel got available here so I got over that show quite fast ^^ xo

Sonya Mann said...

THAT SKIRT! Yes, plz. Although I'd like a Tiana one even more--but that escapes '90s nostalgia.

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