December 12, 2013

Present Picks: Geeky Gifts

Here are some super cool geeky gifts I found! I tried to include various popular fandoms. There are so many neat things people make on Etsy for basically any fandom someone belongs to.  (I think I need those Spider-man earrings and Jeanie wants the Deathly Hallows bow.)


Have a gamer friend? This Xbox Controller Necklace might be a nice gift idea. (They have Playstation ones too!) | A Doctor Who fan might enjoy this TARDIS Teapot. These hanging Spider-man Earrings are wonderful. These C3PO String Lights would look great wrapped around your favorite Star Wars fan's tree (or hung up anywhere for year-round geekiness). These Sam, Dean, & Castiel plushies would look adorable on a Supernatural fan's couch. This Live Long and Prosper Necklace gives passersby a Vulcan salute at all times. A handmade Star Wars dress would be a very cute addition to someone's wardrobe. Or how about a Deathly Hallows hair bow? Maybe you need some Game of Thrones Coasters.

1 comment:

Annika Victoria said...

Especially the bow.

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