December 19, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

It's been too long since I had a Thursday post! This is just unacceptable. Here's a mix of things I recently liked on the internet. There's a couple of Christmas-y things, but plenty of other good stuff too. Happy Thursday!

This picture of Bruges at Christmas time:

(Seems to be from the Navarra Hotel site. Let me know if you know otherwise!)

These interesting beer facts:

These super cool superhero posters on the Posterinspired Etsy shop:

This video that shows you how to do 10 different Christmas nail art designs:

Jennifer Lawrence and I have so much in common!:

This post by Brightest Bulb in the Box that explains the scientific evidence that your makeup is NOT giving you cancer. Hooray science!

I seem to have already learned quite a few of these "shocking and unexpected facts you learn in your twenties." (I particularly like the one about naps being glorious things.)

This list of the 18 best 90s pop songs that ever existed. Seriously. Go listen and be happy with nostalgia.

These nontraditional lip colors look so cool on these girls! (Makes me remember that silver lipstick/chapstick I had when I was about 11.)

Watch Matilda cast members reenact scenes at a cast reunion. It's awesome.


aprileveryday said...

Oh my! I love that Matilda reenactment with the cast members now! I can't believe how different 'bruce' is haha! I used to watch that film over and over when I was a kid.
Have a lovely week!

Milex said...


Elana said...

LOVE those superhero prints. I have such a big thing for minimalist art prints, so I'm really digging those. And I absolutely need to watch that Matilda reenactment!

Anonymous said...

LOVE this J. Law quote! And the Christmas nail art looks super fun :)

Xo, Hannah

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