December 31, 2014

2014 Outfits Recap: September - December

We've come to the end of my 2014 outfits recap! I can hear you all rejoicing! (See part one and part two.) This part is basically everything from Labor Day weekend at Dragon Con to now. There'll be a couple outfits worn in 2014 posted in early January 2015 but this is mostly it.

I had a lot of favorite outfits show up in this part of the recap. Maybe that's just because they're really recent and fresh in my mind though. My Star Trek matching set in seventy-six and then just the skirt in one hundred six definitely made some all-time favorite looks. Eighty-five was a comfy outfit but I'm still really drawn to the mix of mustard yellow and khaki green jeans. Outfits ninety-two and ninety-nine turned out to be what I'd consider perfect fall outfits.

I hope some of these give you inspiration to come up with a look you haven't worn before. The new year is around the corner and I hope you wear whatever fantastic outfits you want to wear! Life is too short to wear boring clothes.

2014 Outfits Recap: May - August

It's time for part two of my 2014 outfit recap! You can check out part one here. This part contains basically all of my summer outfits so if you're feeling cold maybe they'll remind you of warmer times. I still highly prefer dressing for cool weather but I had quite a few fun outfits worn in the heat. Thirty-nine is one of my favorites because of its comfy-ness and fun polka dot tights. Fourty-two was my grad school graduation outfit wearing a super pretty Mrs. Pomeranz dress. I tried out my blue Nyx lipstick in Fourty-nine and still can't stop staring at how awesome it looks whenever I come across that picture. I took some really pretty golden hour pictures in fifty-eight's post and sixty-seven features a handmade martini print dress I wore in Las Vegas. Overall, I think 2014 represented a valiant effort dressing for the Georgia heat!

This post is pretty picture heavy so click through to see all of the looks. Let me know what your favorites are from this set! 

December 30, 2014

2014 Outfits Recap: January - April

Happy happy Tuesday! It's nearly the new year so it's time to make those delightfully long recap posts of 95% of my outfits from the year. These recaps are a little time consuming to make but I enjoy seeing all the looks I put together and I hope you do too. Plus this year I got to see the changing lengths of my hair. I really enjoy having my hair short and these pictures are making me want to cut it shorter again. It'll happen someday.

But anyway, I hope these posts help you get some inspiration for your style in the upcoming year! Click the numbers underneath to see the whole post and stay tuned for the rest of the roundup the next couple days.

December 29, 2014

A Trip to Fernbank Museum and a Green Sweater Outfit

My boyfriend Matt does a wonderful job of gifting me with fun outings for us to go on. It's true that an experience gift is much more memorable than most object-based gifts. He gave me a double outing gift for my birthday with the Zoo Atlanta day and then Fernbank Museum of Natural History. He used to go to Fernbank Museum in Atlanta when he was a little kid but since I didn't live in the Atlanta area back then, I never got to go on a field trip there! It's always fun stepping out of the usual routine and going on a mini adventure. Especially with Matt. I'm a big fan of museums too so it was kind of weird that I'd never been to this one right in Atlanta.

We took our sweet time walking around the museum and taking pictures with the various dinosaur statues. They have an IMAX theatre and we got to see a really neat film about the diversity of animals on the Galapagos Islands. I was super intrigued by the museum's floors too. They're made of rock with tons of fossils scattered throughout and you can actually find Trilobites under your feet. (I do realize that everything I'm saying sounds ultra nerdy. Feel free to judge me.) 

sweater: thrifted | skirt: forever 21 | tights: walmart | shoes: delia's | necklace: from matt | purse: madden girl - ross

Anyway! I wore a slightly festive outfit since we were heading into holiday times when we took this trip. This green sweater I thrifted is nice and light for our usually mild fall days. I added my gold mini skirt since it hadn't been worn in a while. It's actually a really comfortable skirt and doesn't look too dressy when worn with flats.

Did you guys have a good weekend? Mine went by really quickly especially since the entirety of Friday was spent traveling. I'll be getting back into the swing of things today and also probably speed read a library book before I have to take it back. I hope you all have a great start to your week!

December 26, 2014

Holiday Outfit: Green Velvet Dress, Bow Print Tights, and Rose Gold Heels

Happy Friday everyone! I was looking forward to debuting my green velvet dress from Modcloth on this family visit! This is the outfit I ended up wearing yesterday for Christmas dinner. Green velvet is kind of perfect for the holiday so I went all out and styled this dress extra holiday-tastic with bow tights and a bow necklace. This is definitely the classy way to wear this green dress. The whole outfit had a great mix of texture, pattern, and shine a la What Not To Wear rules. I'll probably be able to style this dress in a much more casual way when I get home though! How would you wear it on a normal day about town?

Anyway, I'm pretty excited about having a velvet dress again. I had a blue crushed velvet dress but it was way too big in the boobs and shoulders so I gave it to my sister. This one is such a classic shape and a perfect length on me. With its deep scoop neck my boobs were out a tiny bit more than I'm used to these days, but nobody was mad about that. It's also very nice to pet even if I have to rub it upward instead of downward to experience the softness.

Christmas Outfit: Green Velvet Dress, Bow Print Tights, and Rose Gold Pumps
dress: modcloth | tights: forever 21 | heels: comfort plus - payless | necklace: forever 21

Red Hair and a Scoop Back Green Velvet Dress
Bow Print Tights, Rose Gold Heels, and a Green Velvet Dress
Short Red Hair and a Green Velvet Dress
Bow Necklace with a Green Velvet Dress
Green Velvet Modcloth Dress with Bow Tights and Rose Gold Heels

Did you have a good week? I hope Christmas was a lot of fun for those of you who celebrate. My immediate family opened presents before Christmas so there wasn't anything to open yesterday. It wasn't a particularly exciting holiday but I can't complain about that. It was nice seeing family and dinner was delicious! 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead! I'm looking forward to catching up on your blogs before diving back into the ol' job hunt. Good times.

Happy Friday!

December 24, 2014

Holiday Outfit: Christmas Converse, Red Velvet Skater Skirt, and a Striped Sweater

Happy Christmas Eve! I can't believe it's already the 24th. To keep with the festive nature of this day here is a very holiday appropriate outfit. I wore this for our family Christmas card pictures. I'd been trying to find an excuse to wear my Santa-like red velvet skirt with my Christmas Converse so Christmas picture day turned out to be the perfect occasion. This skirt is mostly appropriate for holiday times due to the strange nature of its velvet material. Instead of a fine fuzziness it leans toward strange red faux fur. It's perfect for this time of year because it seems like something Santa's suit would be made out of.

What do you think about my Christmas Converse? I've had them since high school. Some years I forget to dig them out of my closet so they look mostly unworn after all these years. There are only so many days I can wear Christmas Converse! These are definitely a pair of shoes that will remain in my closet for many years to come because they're so unique and ridiculous. Maybe one day a child of mine will want to wear them! They'll still be sitting in their box waiting for December to roll around.

skirt: romwe | striped sweater: forever 21 | tights: walmart | shoes: converse 

I hope you're having a wonderful holiday if you celebrate and a fantastic Wednesday either way. I'll be spending time with my extended family eating various soups and tamales. I'm particularly excited about the white elephant gag gifts we'll be opening too. They're probably my favorite part of Christmas besides being with my family! 

Anyway, be safe and happy holdiays!

December 23, 2014

A Jeanie Outfit: Fall Leaf and Fox Print Shift Dress with a Burgundy Cardigan

Happy Tuesday everyone! I nearly forgot I took these pictures of my sister Jeanie's Thanksgiving outfit. I figured I better post them while it's still 2014! She's wearing her handmade fox and fall leaf print shift dress here. It's the same pattern as my mushroom print dress with a few changes in the details. Hers has a peter pan collar and little buttons while my dress has a big yellow bow on the front. It was made at the same time as my dress while we were attempting to learn to sew over the summer. Mostly I learned that patterns are difficult to understand when a ton of adjustments for size have to be made. Anyway, she was saving this dress for fall even though it's a summery material. She paired it with a maroon cardigan, sparkly belt, and some neat cutout flats. It made for a very cute fall outfit!

Fox Print and Fall Leaf Print Shift Dress with a Sparkly Belt and Burgundy Cardigan
dress: handmade | cardigan: forever 21?

Fox and Autumn Leaf Print Dress with a Sparkly Belt
Fall Leaf Print Dress and a Maroon Cardigan
Peter Pan Collar and Autumn Leaf Dress
Fox and Fall Leaf Print Shift Dress with a Sparkly Belt and Burgundy Cardigan

I'm not ready to give up fall color schemes even though it's technically winter. I'm never ready to give up all the sparkly clothes that people wear around the holidays either. Can we just wear sparkly things and fall colors all through the winter? I feel like that'd make January - March much more pleasant!

I hope you're all having a great week so far. Thank you to everyone who comments such nice things on this blog. I really appreciate every single one of you!

December 22, 2014

Outfit: Pink Sweater with Houndstooth Shorts and Silver Oxford Shoes

Happy Monday everyone!

I wore this outfit a week or two ago. I've been loving these houndstooth shorts that I just had to order from Forever 21. I'm always happy when I can keep coming up with new outfits inspired by one new piece of clothing. I love that these shorts pair nicely with every other color. This time I went with my pink sweater with the lace bow detail that I bought last winter. Pink, black, and white is another winning color combination in my book. I kept the tights simple and added some shine with my silver cutout oxford shoes I got on clearance at Target this past summer. What do you think? Are you a fan of these houndstooth shorts too? I hope so because I already have another outfit planned for them! I may even wear it today!

Pink Sweater with Houndsooth Shorts and Silver Oxfords
sweater: elle - kohl's | shorts: forever 21 | tights: walmart | shoes: sam & libby - target

Pink Sweater with Houndstooth Shorts
Houndstooth Shorts, Black Tights, and Silver Shoes
Houndstooth Shorts, Pink Bow Sweater, and Silver Oxford Shoes

I hope you had a fantastic weekend and are looking forward to holiday festivities or some down time in the near future. I've been spending time with family up north doing festive Christmas things. Other than that I don't have a whole lot to report. I have plenty of posts planned to finish up this year on the blog though. Keep an eye out for a few extra posts than my usual schedule!

Have a great Monday!

December 19, 2014

Outfit: Star Trek Skirt, Black Mock Neck Sweater, and Red Tights

This is one of my favorite outfits in a long time. In fact, I enjoyed wearing it so much I packed it up to come with me while visiting family! Sometimes I like to pack outfits I've already worn and know look good. That way I don't have to come up with an entire trip's worth of new outfits in one night. There can only be so much outfit creativity in one day!

Anyway, I wore this on a regular old day. I'd been meaning to wear my Star Trek skirt with red tights and finally got around to it. I have a feeling many other colorful tights will look fantastic with this skirt too! I enjoyed how great all the black pieces in this outfit looked with the colorful tights and skirt. Since breaking out my box full of sweaters I have so many more shirt options. This black mock turtleneck sweater is a favorite thrifted last year. It was a little bit toasty the day I wore this though. I've been searching for a regular t-shirt version of this top for weeks. It would be a little less bulky layered under dresses and probably slightly more versatile.

So what do you think of my fall Star Trek skirt rendition? 

Pleated Star Trek Skirt, Red Tights, Black Mock Neck Sweater, and Black Ankle Boots
skirt: handmade | sweater: thrifted | tights: kmart | boots: xhileration - target | necklace: great grandma's | hat: h&m

Star Trek Skirt, Red Tights, and Black Ankle Boots
Black Mock Turtleneck Sweater, Black Hat, and a Star Trek Skirt
Handmade Pleated Star Trek TOS Skirt
Star Trek Skirt, Red Tights, Black Turtleneck Sweater

Can you believe it's already Friday? I have holiday festivities going on from Sunday through the next week so I'll be pretty busy. You can keep up with me during non-blogging hours on Instagram. I hope you guys have a really fun and/or relaxing weekend! 

Happy Friday!
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