January 13, 2014

A Holiday Outfit: Blue Lace Dress, Black Capelet, and Sparkly Heels

You guys are probably getting sick of my Illinois outfits. I'm sorry! I wore a lot of clothes there? I'm finally getting through my backlog so you'll be seeing more recent stuff very soon. 

This is actually what I wore on Christmas Eve, so it's a little fancier than my usual outfits. Any excuse to break out this black cape (capelet?) is a good enough excuse for me. I spent more than I should have on it and I hardly get to use it because capes, while adding instant classiness, are kind of an awkward bit of outerwear. Like what do you do with your arms if they're not covered? I solved that issue by wearing a black cardigan underneath which may have negated some of the classiness of the cape, but oh well. Warmth is important.

dress: modcloth | capelet: prabal gurung - target | tights: forever 21 | shoes: madden girl - shoe carnival | necklace: gift | belt: thrifted

It was windy so enjoy my goofily parted bangs.

This blue lace dress is actually one of my favorite Modcloth purchases, but I've only worn it for special occasions. I fully intend on styling it in a more casual manner as soon as I have the chance. You can't see it in the pictures but it has a slight sparkle in the lace which equals fanciness in my book. How would you wear a dress like this on a casual day?

I know I don't say this enough, but thank you for reading my blog and being so kind in your comments. I'm hoping this blog will continue to improve in the new year and that you still enjoy seeing what I'm wearing and whatever other things I post about!

Happy Monday!


JennaStevie said...

This lace dress is so gorgeous!! I love it with the cape, and those sparkly shoes. Always fun to get a bit fancier :)

~K said...

I think this is my favourite of your holiday outfits. Such a gorgeous dress - I'm not sure how you could make it more casual, it's just too perfect for those dressy occasions.


Marisa Noelle said...

Oh my goodness - you just reminded me that I have this same little cape (a gift from my mom) and I never even wore it - now I must! I love this outfit to bits Jamie. The blue dress with your eyes and hair is just stunning!

Camilla said...

You look gorgeous Jamie! :)
Loved your dress!


Laura Go said...

I very very much LOVE this outfit, Jamie! I think that capelet is adorable and really makes the whole look super sophisticated!

Ina R. said...

You look so pretty and festive! Lovely Christmas outfit dear! The dress is beautiful and I adore the golden heels too! :)
Gaah don't you just hate it when the wind does that to your bangs?! I always freak out :D

Ali Hval said...

Eeeep, capes are just the most darn cute things. That one is absolutely adorable on you, Jamie! I love what you paired it with too--that dress is so elegant on you. :)

Hmmmm... I can see this dress being worn with some neon socks and black booties along with that belt of yours. :D But that's my sock geek speaking.

Sonya Mann said...

Warmth is important, and so is looking cute (to me, anyway). You achieved both splendidly!

Laura Whitman said...

This outfit is adorable! Definitely one of my favorite of yours - you rocking that cape effortlessly!


Marlen said...

aww this is such a pretty christmas eve outfit, I LOVE that capelette! and nice move adding in the cardi sleeves haha, no one has time for being bare during these months! and i think that sparkly dress is really pretty, especially with your hair. i can't wait to see how you'll wear it casually :)

xo marlen
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Elana said...

I love everything about this! I've always been a fan of this dress, and I'm an even bigger fan of it with the cape. Adorable! :)


Eccentric Owl said...

SO pretty! I love the capelet! I really want a few capes I've been seeing on Etsy (there was this one amazing plaid one... swoon) but I get intimidated because nobody around here ever wears capes.
That dress is gorgeous on you. I can't wait to see other ways you style it!

Anonymous said...

I'm joining the capelet compliment train. Love it!

Lorna Sharp said...

Oh i really like Modcloth but dont you think There's shipping fées really expensive ? Although the outfit suits you really well !

Looking forward to see other posts from yours :)


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