January 24, 2014

Blue Patterned Trousers, Polka Dot Blouse, Boston Terrier Flats, & a Galaxy Bow

Happy Friday everyone! Here's an outfit I've already worn twice because I love it so much. I picked up these blue patterned trousers from Target over winter break. They were on clearance for something around $7 and fit so well that I had to buy them! I really love this shade of blue and I like that the pattern is subtle enough to easily pair with other prints while still being more interesting than solid blue trousers. 

This time I wore them with my polka dot blouse, Boston Terrier flats and necklace, and a galaxy print hair bow. It was only appropriate to wear two Boston Terrier items, right? Jeanie bought me both of them for Christmas and they're kind of made to be worn together, I think.

Polka Dot Blouse, Cobalt Blue Patterned Trousers, Boston Terrier Flats, Galaxy Print Hair Bow
blouse: thrifted | pants: mossimo - target | flats: delia's - gift | necklace: forever 21 - gift | bow - handmade

Boston Terrier Necklace from Forever 21
Polka Dot Blouse, Cobalt Blue Trousers, Boston Terrier Necklace
Galaxy Print Bow on Red Hair
Blue Patterned Pants, Polka Dot Shirt, Galaxy Print Bow
Blue Patterned Trousers, Polka Dot Blouse, Boston Terrier Necklace
Blue Patterned Trousers, Polka Dot Blouse, Boston Terrier Flats

I would seriously wear a version of this outfit to my internship but I'm still waiting on my logo cardigans to come in, so I can't. We have to be wearing something with the logo and all I have is two shirts. I've been stretching my fashion brain to find different ways to wear the same two shirts in a work appropriate manner. Actually I could probably wear one of my logo-ed shirts with these trousers next week! Hooray for getting ideas while blogging! 

This week of my internship was much better than the last. I finally know when to leave the house for my commute so that's less stressful. There's a window when I can leave in the morning and not be stuck in traffic for 2 hours, but rather an hour and 15 minutes or so. I also figured out how to borrow free audio books from the library onto my phone so I'm not so bored sitting in traffic! I got to know my coworkers better too and have been having more fun at the office because of that. It's good. I just wish my commute wasn't so crappy!

Have a great weekend!


Ina R. said...

Wow this is so pretty and chic! Love the hair bow and pants and shoes and print mix - everything!! It looks so coherent desoute the different prints, well done!

Ali Hval said...

Hmmm, you have to wear shirts to your internship? Are they skirt or overall friendly? That's be neat. :D I'm sure you've thought of tons of neat ways to wear them, though!

Aaach, those pants are BRILLIANT! I love that they coordinate so well with your bow. One thing I adore about your outfits are they coordinating color schemes--they're always so balanced!!

Hannah said...

Amazing outfit, those trousers are so fabulous! Commuting is a pain, but it's good that you are starting to have fun their...it makes it all a lot more easy!

Hannah said...

Amazing outfit, those trousers are so fabulous! Commuting is a pain, but it's good that you are starting to have fun their...it makes it all a lot more easy!

Leanila Baptiste Photos said...

I love your style and the Boston Terrier accents considering I have a boston terrier named Beans! :)

Sonya Mann said...

I went to a Catholic high school with a uniform, so I think I can relate to your logo woes in a way =P I love those pants, and the necklace is so precious! Also I'm starting to think of you as polka dots lady, I hope you don't mind :)

Lyndsey said...

Seriously, how can you just be SO incredibly awesome? Those pants were literally meant for you. And in all honesty, you can't wear enough boston terrier things. I must own those flats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

charity victoria said...

These prints are so perfect together!

Elana said...

Woah, these trousers are seriously awesome! You always find the best pieces at Target, and I love the print mixing going on here. Glad to hear your internship is going better! :)


Keit said...

Internships can be stressful indeed :D Glad you're having a good time there! ^_^
I absolutely love these trousers! The pattern and shape, and color are just a perfect match. Love the bow too, so girly!

Btw, you have the cutest smile evaah! :D

Wild Flower said...

Those pants are awesome! You have inspired me to keep an eye out for some lovely trousers next time I am thrifting!


Corinne said...

I hope your cardigan comes in soon so you can get a bit more adventurous at your internship! You're lucky you only have to wear something with the logo, I have to wear a whole uniform at my work. It's well naff!

I love the shirt, and that necklace is adorable. I may have actually say 'awwww' at my computer screen when I saw it. Ha.

Corinne x

Lindsey D. said...

This outfit is great! I really love the pants...and those shoes are adorable!

Halfway Heroine

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