January 1, 2014

Casual New Year's Eve Outfit: Vintage T-Shirt, Tulle Skirt, & Striped Tights

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a nice New Year's Eve. Mine was very casual and I enjoyed that a lot. We played a board game, had some beer, and watched various countdown shows until midnight. There were also sparklers, so that was exciting. 

I thought about wearing a fully sequined dress but I was kind of tired and wanted to be able to lounge. That's not exactly easy when you're worried about sequins laying correctly. I was glad I had this black tulle skirt at home! It's festive but also comfortable - especially when paired with a soft vintage t-shirt like this Psychotic State one. This is probably my all-time favorite vintage shirt from Dad and that's saying something because they're all really cool. How can you beat this one though? I figured it made a nice statement about 2013 and the large amount of grad school that took up my life and brain.

Anyway, I tried to add as much sparkle to my outfit as possible with my silver beaded necklace and sparkly ball-shaped earrings. My boots had silver glitter on the back too. Plus my makeup was quite sparkly. Even my lipstick had sparkles! (Matt was not impressed at the amount of micro-glitter on his face at midnight.)

t-shirt: vintage from Dad | skirt: forever 21 | tights: romwe | boots: boohoo | necklace & earrings: stella & dot | bow: handmade - gift

I'm pondering writing a 2013 life recap or goals or something to that extent. Truthfully, 2013 was a pretty crappy year so I'm looking forward to 2014 being marginally less crappy. I know, positivity is just seeping out of me right now!

I really am excited to go through all of my fellow bloggers' end-of-the-year posts today though! I hope 2014 is a better year for all of you! Have a great New Year's Day!


Lauren said...

Happy New Years to you too! I hope it was very fantastic. <3

Helen said...

Love this outfit! :) You look lovely. Sounds like you had a fab NYE!

Helen at Hels Yeah! xx

Frannie Pantz said...

You look great! I love the booties and the skirt. I had to giggle a little because I think only a true style blogger would think of opting for tulle instead of sequins for comfort and lounge-ability. LOL I love the tights too!

~K said...

I did not know you had your conch pierced - me too :)
That T shirt is awesome! I love how you went for the not so typical new years eve look.
Happy new year to you!

~ K

Wild Flower said...

Cute, love the boots and skirt! Happy New Year :)


Sonya Mann said...

ALL THE MICROGLITTER! Maybe your fella wasn't happy, but I am. And hell yeah, marginally less crappy! Let's do it!

Marlen said...

um, we literally had identical new years, haha! i didn't feel like shelling out a hundred bucks and driving in the snow this year, so i opted to stay in with my family and talked with my aunts over coffee and tried to explain to my brothers why wine is yummy (they hate it), haha. and it has actually been one of my most favorite NYE nights to date, so clearly i'm turning 80 and leaving my youth behind ;(

also, this outfit is adorable- i LOVE that tulle skirt!!

xo Marlen
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gabrielle said...

obsessed with that skirt -- so adorable! i had the same dilemma with dressing for NYE this year. i had an outfit all picked out, but i wanted to be comfortable so i had to change it up a bit.


Lauren said...

I love tulle skirts. Very pretty look girl. Happy New Year xo

Laura Whitman said...

That skirt is adorable and the tights are fantastic! Hope that you had a super wonderful holiday!


Emmett Katherine said...

that skirt is perfect for NYE!

Anonymous said...

Love this! Effortlessly punky.

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